Pregnant Model Sarah Stage Shocks Fans with Tiny Baby Bump and Weight Loss Pills!

Lingerie model Sarah Stage ignited controversy earlier this year with her pregnancy six-pack. Now the mother of a healthy 2-month-old boy, Stage talked with about everything from what kept her fit during her pregnancy to what she thinks about the negative things people had to say about her breastfeeding her first-born James on Instagram.

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Isn’t pregnancy supposed to entail endless food cravings, extra pounds and elastic-waist pants? Not for mama-to-be Sarah Stage. The 30-year-old lingerie model has documented her pregnancy progress on Instagram, shocking fans with her barely there baby bump. Some Instagram users have responded in total confusion, while others have joked about her impressively little belly.

Sarah Stage body motivation

Sarah Stage workout

The Los Angeles-based beauty, who is of Costa Rican and European descent, had a social media fan base long before her pregnancy took the Internet by storm. Stage frequently posts bikini pictures and sexy modeling shots, which rack up tens of thousands of likes from more than a million followers. The model is also a fitness fanatic, frequently posting gym selfies and motivational quotes to promote clean eating and a healthy body image.

Sarah Stage Baby Bump

Pregnant Sarah Stage

As far as dieting goes, she actually had to eat more often just because pregnancy takes a lot out of you and you need a lot more nutrients. Initially, like a lot of women, she had morning sickness, which would last all day and make me feel nauseous. But after three months, Sarah would eat chicken and steak, a lot of vegetables and fruit, and then toward the end of her pregnancy, she had some cravings. Sarah always have loved In-N-Out Burger, so she was craving that. Some days, model randomly crave waffles. Sarah can’t even remember the last time she had eaten waffles. It was so random, but great.

Sarah Stage Bikini Bidy

Sarah Stage Bikini Bidy

Before Sarah was pregnant, her exercise three to fives times a week. Model would weight-train, go to Pilates. She do lunges and squats. But once she gets pregnant, there are a lot of different exercises women can’t do, so all workouts changed a lot and were less intense. She also wasn’t working out as often because Sarah was exhausted. Sarah’s back hurt because her baby was big (9 pounds!) and she was carrying a lot of weight.

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