How Myleene Klass Gets That Bikini Body?

Myleene Klass is the latest celebrity mom to lose weight very quickly after giving birth. Myleene had her second girl just 3 months ago but is already looking in fantastic shape with a flat stomach and toned legs. She can be seen posing for Look Magazine, although she admits that she is not as slim as you appears in the photo. She described the photo shoot as the hardest workout she has ever done as she had to hold her stomach in tight for so long that her muscles were aching afterwards.

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You will be amazed to know that there is no secret workout routine that helps the star to maintain that perfect body. She admits that she is not a gym bunny. The only thing that helps her stay fit is that she keeps moving at all times, reports She uses stairs at all the times and considers activities like lawn mowing to be a good workout option. Even when she is traveling, she prefers to use stairs on airports rather than the moving walkways.

Myleene Klass Workouts Tips

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If the media figure could change one part of her body, she would want to change the part that needs her to get at least 8 hours of sleep. She tries hard to get 8 hours sleep but rarely manages it. When she can’t get it, she feels like jet lagged, tired and even clumsy.The diet plan of the radio presenter is quite simple. The breakfast consists of having some Actimel. She has it with porridge or muesli. Actimel is a source of Vitamin D and Vitamin B6 which are great for the immune system and keeping the fatigue off. The lunch meal usually includes sushi and the dinner is chicken fajitas. She considers her diet to be a fairly balanced one.

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The most important beauty tip shared by the former Hear’Say singer is that sleep is one of the most underrated beauty products. She is a busy mom and a professional who struggles to have ample amount of sleep because her little one wakes in the night and she always has 100 things to do. Whenever she gets enough amount of sleep, she feels like a million dollars.

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