The Evolution Of Toccara: Her Dramatic Weight Loss

Over the years fans of top model finalist Toccara Jones have seen the boisterous beauty go from America’s favorite toned and thick model to a petite and perky little Betty. When she first appeared on Tyra Banks’ reality show, the Dayton Ohio native put on for plus size women showing off her trademark curves and snuffing out her slimmer competition.

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Toccara weight loss

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And now although there’s less of her, Toccara’s just a voluptuous with a personality just as big to match. So let’s applaud Ms. Jones, here’s a look at this top model’s dramatic weight loss. What is the deal with Toccara‘s weight loss? Toccara’s weight loss of 25 pounds is very telling. What happened to the whole thing about the plus size models being beautiful and refreshing?

Toccara Jones Story

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Toccara Jones lost 25 lbs. during two stints on Celebrity Fit Club and now stays fit with an hour of daily aerobics – and by making breakfast her biggest meal. “That way,” she says, “you have the whole day to work it off.” Most of us learned about Toccara Jones during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model season three. The plus-size model was known for her beautiful face, thick frame and high level of confidence.

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Later on in her career, she was apart of the former hit reality show Celebrity Fit Club which was facilitated by Dr. Ian where she first started her weight loss journey which eventually ended in her dropping a whopping 80 pounds. Since then, Toccara has managed to keep the weight off, but still maintained her curves.