Kelly Osbourne’s Complete Diet Plan-Kelly Slimming Down

Kelly Slimming Down

Kelly Osbourne has always been known as “the chubby one” leading all the way back to her childhood days on a hit reality TV show featuring her famous dad.

It was always tough growing up for Kelly Osbourne as she admits she felt like she stood out and was always really insecure about her weight. Kelly actually recently opened up about the fact that she hated being stared at as a chubby kid and it caused her a lot of personal insecurities and eating disorders. [See the Garcinia Cambogia brand that Kelly Osbourne and Other Celebs Use Here]

Kelly’s Incredible Transformation

Kelly struggled with her weight all the way through her teens – and it was a shock to a lot of people to see pictures of her surface recently looking like a completely different person.

Have you seen the new and improved Kelly Osbourne recently? She looks absolutely amazing and is proud to show off her new skinny and improved physique thanks to some major diet and lifestyle changes the last year.



While her dad Ozzy Osbourne has gotten all of the attention and accolades over the years, the social media world has actually become obsessed with her amazing physical transformation.


The young socialite has become a successful fashion designer, actress, and entrepreneur and is making a choice to empower other insecure women through social media. Kelly’s Instagram is full of inspiring and fun pictures of her eating healthy and exercising. Now that is making a difference in the world!


How did Kelly lose close to 75 lbs. total, and look better at 31 than she did at 21?

We have all of the details in this article – and are going to share her diet and workout regimen.


She got down to her thinnest weight for the cover shoot of “Self Magazine” – so we are going to share with you exactly how she ate and what she did for her exercise regimen to sculpt that incredibly sexy physique for her fitness cover debut!

Meal Plan

The Kelly Osbourne Diet Plan


We got our hands on the diet regimen that Kelly followed for her rapid transformation and are excited to share it with you.

She ate 4 times per day on her meal plan, which was carefully planned out by her celebrity trainer, and even included a “bed time snack.”

Let’s take a peek under the hood and break down her breakfast, lunch, dinner and weight loss snacks.


Typical Breakfast: Around 7-8 AM

1 Bowl of Power Oats with hemp seeds, wild caught blueberries, strawberries, almond butter, and chia seeds and garcinia cambogia

1 Glass of hot green tea with lemon

1 tbsp. of liquid L-carnitine


This breakfast packed in about 450 total calories but kept her insanely full for about 4-5 hours. This was done on purpose. Kelly’s trainer says that the best time of the day to pack in a big carbohydrate meal like this is during breakfast and combine it with lots of fiber.


Lunch: Around 2 Pm


Since Kelly’s breakfast was packed full of fiber she could ward off the afternoon hunger attack until about 2 PM.

This was a huge catalyst in helping her consume a lot less calories each day and supercharge her 75. Lb weight loss results.

Her lunch would almost always consist of an organic mixed greens salad topped with delicious wild caught salmon. She would usually pick a lower calorie salad dressing such as a reduced sugar Asian sesame – her personal favorite. [See Jessica Simpson’s Diet Plan Here!]


Dinner: Around 6 PM


Dinner usually consisted of a steamed piece of protein such as sirloin steak, chicken, fish, or turkey breast. She would pair her steamed protein with fresh veggies and a small side of a fiber filled carbohydrate like kidney beans, black beans, quinoa, or brown rice. This curbed her appetite and helped her to not “crave” dessert and binge eat late at night.


Bedtime Snack: 9 Pm


Kelly was allowed a bedtime snack on her weight loss diet plan and incorporated a high protein snack. She would consume a few scrambled eggs, or a piece of turkey breast with hot sauce for her late night snack.  With a few clever tricks (like Garcinia Cambogia) she was able to keep herself full all day long and supercharge her weight loss to a whopping 75 lbs!