Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Day Weight Loss Routine

Jessica Simpson has been in the public spotlight for years ever since her days of being a pop sensation and reality TV show star back in 2007. In her younger years Jessica Simpson was an absolute bombshell – and had no issue maintaining a sexy and slender physique.Jessica Simpson After Baby

Times have changed for Mrs. Simpson however as she is older, has a slower metabolism, and has struggled with her weight ever since giving birth to her babies Ace and Maxwell.

Jessica was recently married and she said her motivation to look sexy and lose a bunch of weight was she wanted to “appreciate being in a wedding gown again” – and you can’t do that unless you are 100 percent secure about your weight and your physical appearance. If you saw pictures of Jessica on her wedding day, and recently on social media you would see that it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Jessica looks better than ever and even dressed up as Christie Brinkley from the movie Vacation for Halloween – which was an absolute hit!

When you have the confidence to dress up as an iconic movie star and super model for Halloween after giving birth to several children chances are you put in a lot of work in the kitchen and gym – and this article is going to reveal exactly what Jessica Simpson did to lose all of that weight and look better than ever at the age of 35.

Jessica Simpson has lost over 30 lbs. the last year – and has completely changed her body as she now has sexy curves along with a slender physique. Just 12 months ago Mrs. Simpson was walking around with a layer of fat covering her belly and did not have toned and sexy legs.

How in the world did she change so quickly? We are going to dive into all of the juicy diet secrets and workout hacks!

Jessica’s trainer Harley Pasternak actually disclosed the workout strategy Mrs. Simpson has been using to melt the fat away from her body – but first we are going to start off in the kitchen, where the real weight loss is made!

Jessica Simpson Meal Plan

Jessica packed on over 30 lbs. during her pregnancy to both Ace and Maxwell, and struggled to lose the weight so decided to get the help from a celebrity diet coach and trainer.

The first thing Jessica had to do was eliminate a few “health foods” that she thought were healthy but actually caused her to pack on a ton of weight.

Believe it or not these foods are extremely common, so make sure you take a close look and if you are struggling with weight gain and are eating these foods, make sure to eliminate them before starting your new diet just as Jessica did!

Eliminate these 3 Foods from your diet and reveal your Jessica Simpson Like Figure!

1. Ezekiel Bread or any whole grain bread

Jessica Simpson was under the impression that whole grains and even sprouted whole grain bread like Ezekiel bread was healthy, but her trainer revealed that this food actually contains GLUTEN which can cause some serious health and weight gain issues.

Most commercial breads contain a ton of artificial ingredients and cause rapid weight gain – so first thing Jessica had to eliminate was her morning toast with avocado.

What did she replace this with?

Instead of eating Ezekiel bread ever morning and sometimes with lunch, she started to enjoy more eggs and fresh salads.

It was the creamy avocado and toppings that Jessica enjoyed more than anything, so her new breakfast consisted of organic eggs and avocado as she cut the carbs out of her morning routine.

Instead of eating turkey sandwiches on whole brain bread she would start enjoying fresh salads for lunch with wild caught fish and grilled chicken. Low carb and high flavor foods were the key to Jessica losing the weight so quickly and toning her entire body!

2. Nut ButtersJessica Simpson After Weight Loss

Mrs. Simpson has a serious sweet tooth – and thought that if she swapped her Cheesecake and brownie obsession with decadent nut buttes she could lose the weight quickly – but nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are loaded with calories and make it really difficult to lose weight.

Just 2 tablespoons of almond butter or peanut butter contain 200 calories – and its very easy to consume 4-5 total tablespoons at one sitting.

Instead of consuming nut butter throughout the day – Jessica switched to a few lower calorie decadent treats like low calorie artic zero peanut butter ice cream and PB2 powdered peanut butter.

These two swaps allowed her to eat ice cream and peanut butter almost every day and still lose weight effortlessly. Artic Zero Ice cream contains a total of 150 calories per PINT – and PB2 has 85 percent less fat than regular peanut butter.

These two swaps made it really easy to lose weight and satisfy her decadent sweet tooth!

3. Calorie Laden Starbucks Drinks

Jessica Simpson had a bad habit of ending up at the local Starbucks and buying a decadent and rich mocha Frappuccino – which is loaded with salt, sugar, caffeine and cream!

These types of drinks will cause you to gain weight rapidly, explains her trainer due to the fact they spike your insulin and are nothing but a straight shot of fat and carbs.

Instead of the usual Starbucks fix, Jessica learned to make healthy and delicious smoothies and would even toss a fat burner in them sometimes to rev up her metabolism.

Using frozen bananas makes any smoothie super creamy and delicious – and this was the perfect swap.

Jessica’s trainer recommended she try a healthy green tea smoothie – which is loaded with powerful antioxidants and fat burning properties. She would use Matcha Green tea which has 20 times the amount of normal antioxidants that regular green tea has.

This was her favorite recipe – and it helped her curb her appetite and lose weight effortlessly all while satisfying her sweet tooth.

Creamy Green Tea Smoothie Recipe (Tastes better than a milkshake)

1 Cup Cashew Milk
1 Frozen Banana
1 tsp. Matcha green tea
½ Scoop vanilla protein powder
2 tbsp. Chia Seeds
Stevia to sweeten
Handful of ice cubes

Jessica Simpson Workout Plan

Jessica Simpson Wedding Workout

Jessica Simpson has put in some serious work with her trainer and has become obsessed with her fitness routine.

Jessica has worked with renowned trainer Harley Pasternak who has put her on an incredible regimen designed to give her the perfect blend of weight loss and lower body toning. The hard work has certainly paid off as Jessica Simpson has some seriously toned legs and looks stellar in a bikini!

What are the components to Jessica’s incredible workout plan? She follows a few principles each week that allow her to burn a ton of calories and become a weight loss machine.

1. Cardio on the Daily

Jessica Simpson has been walking 8,000 – 10,000 steps per day which she keeps track of on her step counting app. This allows her to burn a ton of extra calories per week, and even allows her to get in time with her new hubby Eric Johnson.

Jessica will take long walks with her hubby Eric Johnson and get in some much needed bonding time with her former football star hubby while she burns a ton of calories along the way.

2. Yoga 3-4 Times per Week

Besides making sure she takes a lot of steps each day Jessica will also throw in yoga routines 3-4 times per week which she does from the convenience of her own home.

This allows her to melt fat away from her lower body and waist line while helping her erase stress from her life. Jessica said that after giving birth to her children she has had a lot of extra stress in her life and the Yoga helps her erase this.

3. Hardcore Lower Body Training

Jessica has done a spectacular job of losing weight and toning her legs on her way to a stunning 30 lb. weight loss – and has her trainer to thank which prescribed her the “fab 5” of lower body weight loss and toning exercises each week.

Each week Jessica’s trainer makes sure that she completes 5 sets of these 5 killer lower body exercises.

1. Sumo Squats
2. Single Leg Deadlift
3. Single Leg – Leg press
4. Db Walking lunges
5. Db Step Ups

These exercises all burn a ton of calories by working out her body’s largest lower body muscle groups and help her burn a ton of calories and tone her figure. This is precisely why these are the “fab 5” lower body exercises that Jessica’s trainer has her do each week.

Her workout strategy to melt away 30 lbs. of fat and tone her body wasn’t really even a hardcore regimen – but rather a check-list of fun activities and exercises she enjoyed doing each day.

She was walking each day, many times with her Husband while they were connecting and talking about life, doing yoga from her own home, and working out with her superstar trainer.

This is the recipe for Jessica Simpson at the age of 35 looking sexier than ever! Take this advice and you can be a weight loss machine in your 30’s as well!