Kirsten Dunst Workout Plan [20lb Weight Loss]

If you read our other article, you would know that Kirsten Dunst was recently asked to gain weight for her new role in Fargo, the TV series. She obliged and went on to gain over 22 pounds in just 8 weeks in what she calls the “laziest 2 months of her life.” Shortly after shooting, it was time to drop the weight. She completely revamped her diet plan, and used the workout routine below to drop 20 pounds in a short 7-8 weeks.


Kirsten Dunst Workout Regimen


Although Kirsten ate clean and consumed the best all natural fat loss pills for 8 weeks – it still took a consistent workout plan to lose 20 lbs. of pure fat in 2 months.Kirsten Dunst Workout


Kirsten admitted to being very lazy following her weight gain binge for the Tv show Fargo. When you get in the habit of not working out it is very easy to stay in that habit.

Kirsten’s trainer said that her weight loss success story should inspire anyone who is currently lacking motivation because the first week of workouts for Ms. Dunst was anything but inspiring!

Kirsten admitted that the 1st week was by far the hardest – but after her 4th day of working out she started to feel momentum and had a lot more energy from her diet and weight loss supplement regimen.


Kirsten’s trainer said she lost 3 lbs. the 1st 10 days, and after that she was hooked! Every single week Kirsten would head to the gym 1 hour after consuming her post lunch weight loss supplement.

The natural energy and metabolism boosting benefits of the supplement allowed Kirsten to push herself outside her comfort zone and train for up to 60 minutes per session.


What did her workout regimen look like? Let’s dive in and take a look!


Kirsten Dunst 8 Week Workout Regimen



Monday and Wednesday: Resistance Machine Training (Full Body)


Kirsten would perform 3 sets of the following exercises for 10 repetitions per set. Kirsten’s trainer said the goal was for her to blast all of her major muscle groups in each workout so that she would turn her body into a fat burning machine.

When your major muscle groups are sore and trying to recover from resistance training exercise your body enters a pure “fat burning” zone where your metabolism can actually be increased for up to 24 hours.

This in combination with a clean diet and powerful all natural weight loss pills allowed her to see incredible results in a short period of time.


Full Body Resistance Training Regimen:sweaty


Total Sets: 3

Rest Time: 75 Seconds

Repetitions: 10 Per Set

Exercise one: barbell deadlift

Exercise two: Smith Machine Squat

Exercise Three: Seated Row Machine

Exercise Four: Underhand Grip Lateral pull down machine

Exercise Five: Stiff leg dead lift

Exercise six: leg extension



Tuesday and Thursday: Full Body Dynamic Cardio



Tuesday and Thursday were “full body dyamic” cardio days. This involved a precise blend of body weight resistance exercises with short rest times and high intensity interval training.

The goal of this workout was always intensity! These workouts only lasted 30 minutes long – but Kirsten would turn her body into a fat burning machine if she would reach maximum intensity and blast her full body.

1 hour after lunch with the metabolism boosting fat loss pills circulating through her blood steam – Kirsten had all the adrenaline she needed to complete this vicious 30-minute circuit.

Let’s take a look at the full body routine!


Exercise one: Full Body Burpees with Squat jumps


Total Time: 7 Minutes

Sets: 3

Rest Time: 45 Seconds


Exercise Two: mountain Climbers


Total Time: 3 Minutes

Sets: 3

Rest Time: 30 Seconds


Exercise Three: Body Weight Abdominal Circuit (bicycle crunch, lower leg lifts, across the body crunches)Kirsten Dunst Before and After


Total time: 5 minutes

Sets: 3

Rest Time: 30 seconds


Exercise Four: Maximum intensity rope skipping


Total Time: 7 Minutes

Sets: 4

Rest Time: 45 Seconds


Exercise Five: Body Weight Squats superset with knees on ground pushups


Total Time: 7 minutes

Sets: 3

Rest Time: 45 Seconds

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