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She has made the transition from reality star to fitness entrepreneur with ease – and there’s just no stopping Lucy Mecklenburgh. The former TOWIE star, 24, who runs her own fitness site, regularly displays her enviably toned body  on social media – and she’s shared the secrets behind her trim physique with FEMAIL. The fitness aficionado admits that she makes fitness her priority, working out nearly every day of the week with a little motivation from her boyfriend, Louis Smith.

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Lucy Mecklenburgh working out

Street Workout

‘I work out 4-5 days a week but I relax that if I’ve got a very busy week,’ she said. ‘I always mix it up otherwise I would be bored. Variety is key to keeping motivation.  ‘That’s why I set up my workout site – it has over 300 workouts so you can take your pick. Pilates and Hiit are my favourites.’ Of course, a strict workout plan goes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet and Lucy is extremely meticulous with her eating plan.

Results With Lucy Booty

Lucy Toned Body

She starts the day with eggs – usually a spinach and sweet potato frittata or scrambled with smoked salmon. For lunch, she will have quinoa salad with a tuna steak and for dinner she loves courgetti bolognaise. Lucy also sips on peppermint tea and water through the day and snacks on fruit, almonds and edamame. ‘I love dark chocolate with coconut after dinner,’ she said of her favourite treat. Plus, it helps that she and Olympic gymnast boyfriend Louis are both clean eaters. ‘We both cook,’ she said. ‘We really enjoy cooking. He’s good at things like steak and I like experimenting with healthy recipes. ‘We do very different training but it’s nice we have a mutual love for it and know how important it is in each other’s lives.’

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