Ricki Lake Weight Loss: Before and After

We all watched Ricki Lake transform on Dancing With the Stars where she reportedly lost 20 pounds but, what has she done to continue losing weight and to keep it off? She uses the food delivery service Freshology, which provides 1,400 calories a day. Healthy food helps but Lake credits her maintained weight loss to regular exercise—not calorie restriction.Chat show host Ricki Lake never shied away from talking about her battle with the bulge.

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Ricki Lake Weight Loss: Before and After

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Ricki Lake weight loss


But after going from 19st at her heaviest to 8st now, the 5ft 4in star is finally happy with her body. Ricki, 44, says she hid a dark secret – one she kept for most of her life – behind her cheerful screen exterior.

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“I was molested as a young child aged six and I think that is what contributed to my being overweight and obese in later years,” she says.

Ricki Lake weight transformation


She didn’t win the competition, the title went to JR Martinez, but she gave it her best shot and came out a better person. And, she’s going to be a bride this year! She and jewelry designer Christian Evans are planning their wedding and are reportedly set to tie the knot sometime  this year. We bet she’ll look stunning in her wedding gown.

“I also had the worst eating habits. My family never sat down together and, when we didn’t eat out, I would eat alone.

Ricki shot to stardom when, weighing 14st at the age 18, she won the lead role as dance mad teenager Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 John Waters movie Hairspray. Two years later she was cast in another Waters film, Cry Baby, with Johnny Depp.

Ricki Lake Weight loss story


“I was a secret eater and I would squirrel away sweets and chocolate and take them to my room.”I really empathise with my viewers and I think people feel like they know me because I am candid about everything in my life; whether it’s my relationships or triumphs or hardships.