Kendall Jenner Diet Plan and Workout

Kendall Jenner has reached pure A-list celebrity status and now has one up on her big sisters as she walked the runway for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in November!

If you saw the Victoria’s Secret fashion show your jaw probably dropped by how flawless Ms. Jenner looked and of course that slamming bikini body.Hard work certainly pays off because Kendall Jenner dieted for 2 straight months to reach flawless bikini body shape at the fashion show.

Kendall Jenner shed 15 lbs. of pure body fat in two months – and hired the help of a family friend who has been known in Hollywood circles as “The miracle trainer” due to the rapid body transformations he has sculpted.

How Kendall Jenner Lost 15 pounds

Although Kendall had a pretty decent body to start with – it is still an impressive feat to lose 15 lbs. in just 8 weeks.


How in the world did she do it? We recently sat down with this “Miracle trainer” and he spilled the beans (pun intended) on how Kendall and so many other celebrities transform so quickly.


Kendall Jenner’s Weight Loss Secrets


Weight Loss Secret #1: Metabolism Manipulation


The Miracle trainer explained that the biggest factor to rapid weight loss is manipulating your metabolism to burn more calories each day. Kendall followed suit and used the all natural metabolism boosting trio to turn her body into a calorie burning machine. This metabolism boosting trio is not only all natural but the synergistic effect of all three is far more powerful than the dangerous weight loss stimulants on the market.

What is this metabolism boosting trio? Nothing but a powerful all natural weight loss pill, Green tea with lemon juice, and shots of apple cider vinegar every day!Kendall Jenner Butt


Ms. Jenner’s trainer said that the all natural metabolism boosting pills help her burn approximately 200 extra calories per day which comes out to 4 lbs. of pure fat per month, and also gives her a great spike in energy levels.

The daily green tea is amazing for metabolism health, energy, and detoxifying your blood so you can reap the benefits of maximum health. Green tea is also really high in a powerful antioxidant called EGCG which has amazing weight loss benefits.


Last but not least in the metabolism boosting trio is daily shots of apple cider vinegar. This is Kendall’s beauty secret for amazing skin and hair and also helps to lower the insulin impact of carbohydrates. This means that when Kendall consumes carbohydrates when dieting they aren’t as likely to be stored as body fat and can be utilized by the body as an energy source.


This amazing trio works wonders and helped Kendall lose 15 lbs. of fat in just 8 short weeks.


Weight Loss Secret #2: Filled with Fiber!


Another weight loss secret that her trainer implemented was filling her up with fiber early in the day so she never had the hunger or craving to binge on unhealthy treats.

Her trainer explained that Kendall has a massive sweet tooth and quickly gained 15 lbs. in the summer from non-stop binging on gummy bears, ice cream, and brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts!

Just one serving of brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts packed in a whopping 400 calories and 75 carbohydrates – so it was up to her trainer to stop the binge eating and fill her up early in the day with quality calories.

Kendall usually had a fiber filled breakfast that combined avocado over eggs and a big bowl of oatmeal. She is always on the go and this meal sometimes had to last her until 5 or 6 pm when she had a chance to eat again. Another one of her go-to weight loss snacks was fiber filled almonds along with freshly squeezed juices. Her favorite juice was a combination of celery, apples, beets, carrots, and ginger.

Adding in more fiber and nutrient dense juices helped to maximize her energy levels and the weight just melted away, explains her trainer.


What did the Kendall Jenner Victoria’s Secret diet look like?


Here is a typical day in the life!


Kendall Jenner Weight Loss Diet


The first thing you will notice about this meal is that its absolutely huge – and was set up to be her largest meal of the day. This ensured that she would have a steady supply of fuel for the day and wouldn’t crave junk food when she was working and on the go.

3 Pan Fried Eggs (she used fat free cooking spray) topped with ½ sliced avocado, cayenne pepper, and black pepper

1 Large bowl of oatmeal topped with organic berries, cinnamon, and almond butter

2 All natural weight loss Pills

1 large glass of Green tea with Lemon

Kendall Jenner skinny

Afternoon Pick Me Up:

This afternoon pick- me up was usually consumed when Kendall was on the go and didn’t have time to eat due to traveling and work.

The goal of this meal was to get in fiber, healthy fats and maximum nutrition/detox!

1 Large Fresh squeezed juice (usually from her favorite Juice bar in Beverly Hills)

Celery, Apple, Carrots, Ginger, beet

2 Large Handfuls of roasted Almonds

2 Shots of Apple Cider Vinegar



Dinner always consisted of more metabolism boosting and fiber filled foods! She would always keep this meal low carbohydrate and high protein. A typical dinner consisted of 8 Ounces of Sashimi (usually tuna or salmon) – with her favorite Seaweed Salad or Fresh Papaya Salad. She would sometimes get “to-go” from her favorite Beverly Hills seafood restaurants and get pan seared Ahi Tuna or Swordfish. Kendall used to binge on rice filled sushi and Saki – but had to make some sacrifices to lose weight for the fashion show.


Kendall Jenner Workout Plan

Kendall Jenner hired the help of the “Hollywood Miracle Trainer” to prepare her body for the Victoria’s Secret runway show. The goal was simple – she had to lose the 15 lbs. of fat she accumulated over the summer time in just 8 weeks for her appearance on the runway. Kendall would be brushing shoulders with the world’s sexiest super models and she was on a mission to hold her own – and after watching the show she certainly did that and then some!


How did she lose 15 lbs. in just 8 weeks and take the stage looking like a bikini body ready supermodel?

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Her trainer had her on a powerful metabolism boosting trio that consisted of all natural weight loss pills, daily green tea, and shots of apple cider vinegar. Three days per week in the afternoon Kendall would train for about 60 minutes and get in a full body workout.


These workouts were designed to melt fat away from her stomach and shape her butt and thighs so she could maintain her sexy curves.

We recently got these top secret workouts from her trainer and are excited to share them with you.

Her trainer said that the optimal time to workout is about 2 hours after consuming breakfast and the all natural weight loss pills. This is when they are fully circulating in your blood stream and providing clean energy so you can train with passion and intensity!



Full Body Resistance/Cardio Workout (She did this Twice Per Week)

Kendall Jenner skinny

The first workout of the week was always the most intense. This was on purpose and designed to give her momentum to stick to her diet all week long. Her trainer explains that the harder you work in the gym the more likely you are to stick to your diet so your hard work doesn’t go to waste!

She performed this full body workout every week on Monday and Thursday.


Exercise One: Elliptical Bike

The start of the workout always consisted of the elliptical bike. This helped get her entire body loose and was designed to sculpt her butt and thighs on the incline.


Exercise Two: Smith machine barbell squats

The Smith machine barbell squats were all about shaping her butt and thighs. Kendall did these on the smith machine so she was able to focus on her form and really going low! She did 5 sets of 10 repetitions.


Exercise Three: Row Machine

Kendall’s best friend was the row machine during her weight loss workouts as this machine provides a fully body workout and helped to burn nearly 300 calories in 15 minutes!


Exercise Four: hammer curls

Kendall performed 4 sets of hammer curls each workout to tone and sculpt her arms and help melt fat away from her upper arms. This gave her those super-model aesthetics!


Exercise Five: Leg press

Its no secret to walk the runway you have to have sexy toned legs. The leg press machine was Kendall’s go to for sculpting her legs and helping her tone up problem areas. Kendall did 5 sets of leg presses per workout.



Full Body Resistance Machine Training (1-2 times per week depending on her schedule)

Kendall did this full body resistance machine workout 1-2 times per week depending on her schedule. This workout was designed to sculpt and tone her body from head to toe while providing her maximum fat burning.

Kendall performed 3-4 sets of the following exercises in the 15-20 repetition range. The higher rep range helped her boost her metabolism and burn fat quicker than lower repetition ranges.


Iso-lateral Pectoral Machine

Leg Extension

Hack Squat Machine

Seated Preacher Curl Machine

Seated Iso Lateral Shoulder Press

Seated Row Machine

Lateral Pull Down Machine