Morgan Stewart Shows Off Killer Abs

Since the #RichKids of Beverly Hills first started airing, fans have been eager to know what Morgan Stewart’s diet and work-out regime is like. The blonde television personality has quickly earned a following for being stylish, beautiful, and generally fabulous. Aside from appearing in her hit television show, Stewart also takes time to update her blog,, about her life and other details. Recently, the star shared some insight into her daily routine and feelings on dieting and working out.

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Morgan Stewart Photoshoot


Morgan Stewart

RichKids’ Morgan Stewart Shows Off Her Body

“Why must there always be a great debate about working out? You always feel better after and say “I’m so happy I did that” – yet when it comes time to get up, put those clothes on and head out the door there is always GREAT hesitation, at least for me anyway.”the star writes in a recent post.

Morgan Stewart Diet

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“My diet is pretty basic- I just avoid carbs. Lots of greens and proteins and about three smart waters a day. I OVERDOSE ON WATER- peeing is  a great thing, an extremely inconvenient thing but great. I avoid soda and any unnecessary sugars that aren’t really satisfying any type of cravings and I try not to drive myself crazy every day thinking about all things that I am trying to avoid. I don’t juice or do any of that ridiculous nonsense..I’m really old school when it comes to a diet. Green beans make you skinny and fries make you fat, it’s really very simple.” says Stewart.

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