Jasmine Tookes Shares Her Food and Fitness Diary

The workout routine of this stunner involves doing a lot of weight training exercises. She also loves doing lunges and squats as they keep her legs and butt in shape. She tries to workout on a daily basis to stay in shape and healthy.The hottie started working out 7 days a week (without exceptions) on 1st October, 2015. She says that it wasn’t a big stress as exercising a lot is part of her daily routine. Victoria’s Secret is not the only show in which she shows off her body in lingerie because she works for lingerie shoots almost throughout the year. Hence, looking great for the whole year is vital for her.

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Entertainment Wise reported that the star gets workout motivation from her own pictures. She regularly compares her photographs from previous shows with the new ones. She is also determined to keep the body like it was in last year photographs by working out. Sometimes, the result she sees makes her want to work harder in the future workouts too.

Jasmine Tooks

VSX Cover

The model also rightly said that the cameras point out every part of a body as they are placed everywhere – on the floor, above a person and next to a person who is modeling, so they see everything. A model like her cannot afford a jiggling butt or body parts that are not perfectly toned.

Jasmine Tookes workout

Jasmine Diet

Hollywood Life recently talked to Jasmine and found out her diet plan. The diet mostly consists of eating a lot of protein filled meals and fresh vegetables. She likes to eat clean at all times to keep her energy levels up for the daily workouts. Protein filled meals also assist her to build her muscle tone and retain it. She likes snacking on healthy items like a Chobani yogurt offered at Chobani Soho in New York City.

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