Kevin Smith Celebrates His 85-Lbs Weight Loss

Kevin Smith is super proud of his 85-lb. weight loss, and he wants the world to know it. The 44-year-old director Tweeted on Saturday before-and-after photos of his achievement, rocking a similar pair of denim “jorts” in both a snapshot from 2008 and a more recent picture.

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Kevin Smith Celebrates His 85-Lb. Weight Loss


His weight-loss journey started after an incident in March 2010, when the Clerks director was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank, California after being told he was too large to fit in a single seat. A year later, Smith said in an interview on HLN that he had already lost 65 lbs.

Kevin Smith unveils staggering 85lbs loss

Comparison shot

“I feel mixed feelings about losing the weight,” he said. “I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin … I’ll never be thin.”And the screenwriter-producer has kept his weight loss going.
In February 2014, Smith spoke candidly with Men’s Health about adopting a healthier lifestyle, crediting a movie with being a major wake-up call: the 2014 documentary Fed Up.

Celebrity transformation

Sundance Festival

“Awesome documentary, an anti-sugar documentary that completely changed my perception,” Smith told MH. He went on to explain that he grew up with an “eat what you want” mentality until he saw the film: “So then I watch this documentary last year, and I was, like, ‘Oh, man, um, I really don’t wanna die’ – and I’m already 44 years old.” He told MH that he saw weight drop off after ditching sugary drinks. He even gave juicing a try after a cast member from Clerks gave him a recipe.