Russell Crowe Dishes on Losing Weight After Beefing up for New Film

During a call in interview on Australian radio show Fitzy and Wippa, the 51-year-old dished on his weight loss journey, revealing that he’s shed 52 pounds since beefing up for his role opposite Ryan Gosling.

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Russell Crowe Reveals He's Lost a Whopping 52 Pounds


“I was 121.6 kilos (268 pounds) the first week of August last year,” he said. “I did a movie called The Nice Guys, so I wanted to be the physical juxtaposition of Ryan Gosling.” “I’m clawing my way back from that, so I’m about [216 pounds] at the moment,” he added. All told, the Oscar winner — an avid biker — has dropped 52 pounds since last summer. Back in February, the dad of two showed off his svelte frame in a tight black tank top.

Russell Crowe Dishes on Losing Weight After Beefing up for Film

Russell Crowe Casual Look

Sharing that he’s already at about 98 kilos (216 pounds), Crowe added that he’s still “clawing [his] way back from” his higher weight. On working with Gosling, 35, Crowe said that the actor – who we’re used to seeing in dramas – constantly kept the laughs coming on set, adding that the father of one made him laugh at inappropriate times more than he ever has in his career.

Russell Crowe Shows Off His 52-LBS Loss

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The Australian star has been known to gain and lose weight depending on what role he plays. Before wowing audiences with his ripped physique in 2000’s Gladiator, Crowe had to quickly lose the poundage he packed on to play Big Tobacco exec Jeffrey Wigand in 1999’s The Insider.Although his waistline expanded to portray private eye Jackson Healy in The Nice Guys, Crowe said he had a great time starring opposite the hard-bodied Gosling, 35, in the mystery crime comedy film set in the ’70s.