Emily Schromm Says Diet Is Key to Her Success

Denver personal trainer Emily Schromm, recently chosen by Women’s Health magazine as the  Next Fitness Star, is tall, tanned and toned, she possesses a feline strength and confidence that make a winning combination in the CrossFit competitions that punctuate her calendar. She calls her leg muscles “quadzillas.” And look at her neck and shoulders: She has trapezoids that go for weeks.

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She is always ready for coffee, which she takes black with a pat of butter made from the milk of a grass-fed cow. As a proponent of the paleo diet, that “grass-fed butter” in her coffee is the only dairy product she allows herself. For Schromm, paleo is part of a fitness philosophy that embraces fats and avoids both carbs and calorie counting.

Emily Schromm Shows You How to Get a Rock-Hard Body Like Hers

Next Fitness Star Emily Schromm Shows You How to Get a Rock-Hard Body Like Hers

Someone suggested the Paleo diet to Schromm, telling her it could cure the acne and stomach issues she had struggled with since childhood. She removed grains and other carbs and her acne cleared up and her stomach issues went away. She now calls herself a firm believer even though it was very difficult to eliminate things she had always been told were a necessary part of a healthy diet. “Once I saw the effects on my body, which also included having very clear thoughts, no more energy spikes and drops, I cannot express how I felt overall and emotionally,” she says. “I think when we’re cutting calories or we think we’re eating healthy and we’re not, we emotionally play into that and we feel the depression and self-doubt, especially women. I firmly believe that’s rooted in the food we eat.”

Emily Schromm Diet

Next Fitness Star Emily Schromm

“I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been physically and mentally as well,” Schromm says. Her diet is about 55 percent fat from sources like avocados and avocado oil, grass-fed butter, bacon, nut butters, tahini, red meat, salmon, free-range chicken, coconut and coconut oil and milk. She chooses minimally processed and hormone-free food.

Emily Schromm Great Muscles

Emily Schromm At The Beach

Schromm believes her food philosophy contributed to being selected for “The Next Fitness Star.” “They loved my approach to nutrition because it’s different,” she says. “When you take out man-made foods and stop thinking low fat, low calorie and start eating real food, you really are putting your body in a healthier position, not just for weight loss or immediate results but for long-term health.”

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