Mariah Carey Weight Loss Reveal- WOW!

When pictures floated around the internet of Mariah Carey at the 2015 Thanksgiving Day Parade fans could not believe what they saw! Its been no secret that the last few years have been tough for Mariah in the weight department. For much of 2013 and 2014 her weight ballooned to a whopping 20-30 lbs. overweight. She has always been known for having a “Curvalicious” body, but at her age those curves start to turn into body fat and cause rapid weight gain. [See how Hollywood stars drop 15 pounds in 3 weeks here!]

Mariah Carey After Weight Loss

Mariah’s celebrity trainer explains that when women have “natural curves” they are more prone to having weight problems as they get older and their metabolism decreases. The plus side to this? When you get your butt in shape with a great workout, nutrition and all natural supplement regimen you will still have those jaw dropping curves and a small waist to match!

For the last few months Mariah Carey has been hard at work with her trainer eating a clean Paleo based diet and doing some killer work in the gym. Why the sudden motivation? Well I’m sure it didn’t hurt that she recently moved in with her billionaire boyfriend James Packer!

Mariah said that James has an incredible work ethic and that has helped her refuel her motivation to get fit and become a healthier person.

What is Mariah Carey’s Weight Loss Secret?

We got the juicy details from her trainer and he even revealed a few secrets that anyone can use for incredible beach body progress in a short period of time!

The biggest secret that her trainer revealed to us was that Mariah had actually dieted for 3 months at the end of 2014 without much success. She was eating fairly clean and exercising 3-4 times per week – but at her age her slow metabolism made it nearly impossible.

Three months of hard work and all she had to show for it was 5 lbs. lost. Her celebrity trainer introduced a powerful all natural metabolism boosting pill designed to give her a radical spike in energy levels and resting metabolism.

Her trainer said that the “X-Factor” to losing weight quickly is increasing the amount of calories you burn while at rest.

While most people put all of their emphasis on running and burning a lot of calories – you are resting for most of the day and not exercising – right?

This means that if you can increase your body’s ability to burn even 20 extra calories per hour – this adds up to incredible weight loss results over the course of a few months.

Mariah’s trainer said that the all natural weight loss pills and intense workouts helped to speed up her metabolism and burn an extra 10 lbs. of pure fat off per month.

The best part is that the pills are all natural and designed to speed up your metabolism and boost energy levels in a healthy way. This meant that Mariah did not experience the jitters and crash associated with a lot of the powerful weight loss drugs.

Mariah has always been a hard worker and not looking for short cuts. Its no different with her health and fitness explains her trainer.

Besides implementing a few “metabolism tricks” to make her weight loss a breeze she also followed a very strict Paleo based diet regimen.

Her trainer explained that she had to stay away from 3 foods in particular that were causing her to gain a lot of excess weight.

What were these foods Mariah Eliminated From Her Diet?

Mariah Carey

1. French Fries
Her trainer explains that fries are nothing but a combination of salt, carbohydrates, and trans fat. This is one of the worst foods in the world to eat and makes it nearly impossible to lose weight quickly.

Instead of fries Mariah opted for fresh veggies with hummus and black bean dip.

2. Soda

Mariah’s trainer explains that soda spikes your insulin and causes you to store body fat easily. No more grape and orange soda for Mariah!

Instead of soda Mariah opted for all natural iced green tea which is a proven metabolism booster as well as Iced Coffee with sugar free mocha syrup from Starbucks!

3. Hamburgers

Hamburgers are bad news if your looking to get fit. Hamburgers combine a lethal dose of simple carbohydrates, poor quality meat and fatty condiments. Mariah’s favorite hamburger from McDonald’s packed in almost 1,000 calories and was a heart attack waiting to happen!
Since Mariah was on a paleo based diet she opted for clean meats such as Grass Fed Beef, Organic chicken, and wild caught fish in place of her burger fetish.

Mariah’s Diet For Her Incredible Weight Loss

What did the Mariah Carey weight loss diet look like? Mariah actually got to enjoy a lot of delicious foods on a regular basis and even consumed an average of 1,500 calories per day!


Breakfast always consisted of Mariah’s go to – nutrition packed oatmeal! Mariah would combine oatmeal with almond butter, organic fruit and hemp seeds to pack in over 400 calories of high quality weight loss nutrition.

The best part about this meal is she would feel full for up to 5 hours.

Late Morning:

Every morning around 10 AM Mariah would take her all natural metabolism boosting pills (Read about Garcinia Cambogia here!) This helped her to burn more calories all day long and ward off hunger until about 2 Pm.


Mariah usually opted for whole grains and lean protein for lunch. She would typically carb up on lentils or quinoa along with some wild caught fish to gear her up for the afternoon workout.
Post Workout:

Mariah would enjoy a delicious fruit and protein smoothie following her training sessions. They consisted of fresh orange juice, vanilla protein powder and a frozen banana.


Dinner was always a low carbohydrate meal so Mariah could keep that metabolism churning all night long!

She usually opted for grilled chicken, wild caught salmon, or poached eggs! She would always pair this meal with a cup of steamed veggies or a side salad.

Mariah Carey Workout Routine


Mariah has been fit throughout her entire life as she regularly was dancing and performing around the world for her brilliant award winning career.

Now that she has gotten older and is no longer performing she admits that working out has become a challenge.

She was never a gym-goer back in the day but says that she loves the personal challenge of staying fit.

She also has a supporting life partner that has helped push her and even joined the fitness lifestyle! Billionaire boyfriend James Packer says that he has struggled with his weight and fitness throughout his life and wanted to get fit and help Mariah through her weight loss battle.

The end result is that Mariah was seen at the Thanksgiving Day parade almost 40 lbs. less than she was at the start of the year – and was clearly radiating with confidence!

What kind of fitness routine has Mariah been on? We got the exact details of her fitness regimen from her celebrity trainer and are excited to share them with you!

Her workout regimen was designed to help her keep her curves and lose that weight fast. That’s why her trainer called it the Curvalicious weight loss workout!

Mariah Carey Curvalicious Weight Loss Workout

Mariah would perform these workouts three times per week in the afternoon. This is when she had the most energy and felt the spike from her all natural metabolism pills.

Exercise 1: Booty Bridge

Main muscle worked: Gluteus, Hip Flexors

Total time: 30 Seconds

Total Sets: 2

Rest Time: 15 Seconds

Exercise 2: Booty Side

Main Muscle Worked: Gluteus, Outer Thigh

Total Time: 30 Seconds (Each Leg)

Total Sets: 2

Rest Time: 15 Seconds

Exercise Three: Wide Stance Squat

Main Muscle Worked: Gluteus, Quadriceps, and Hamstrings

Total Time: 30 Seconds

Total Sets: 2

Rest Time: 15 Seconds

Exercise Four: Booty Weight Lunges

Main Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, Gluteus, Hip Flexor

Total Time: 30 Seconds (Each Side)

Total Sets: 2

Rest Time: 30 Seconds
Exercise Five: Sumo Dead lift

Main Muscles Worked: Gluteus, Inner Quadriceps

Total Time: 30 Seconds

Total Sets: 2

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Six: Elliptical Cardio

Main Muscles Worked: Gluteus, Quadriceps, Hamstrings

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Total Sets: 1
Weight Loss Compound Workouts (Once per week)

Mariah would also include 1 “weight loss-weight room” workout per week where she would lift weights with her body’s largest muscle groups to maximize her metabolism boosting efforts.
This routine was incredibly simple to follow and yielded incredible body transformation results according to her trainer.

Mariah’s trainer said that if you are looking to lose weight efficiently lifting weights with your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups is the key.

Once per week Mariah would perform 4 sets of the following exercises:Diet Plan

1. Barbell squat
2. Db Walking Lunges
3. Assisted Machine pull ups
4. Assisted Bench Press Machine
5. Seated Row Machine


Mariah Carey surely has worked hard the last few months to experience tremendous results with her health and fitness – but at the same time its not rocket science!

Mariah Carey lost a total of 40 lb. the last 5 months with nothing more than a little sweat equity, clean diet and a powerful all natural metabolism boosting pill.

Let her results motivate you for a healthier and happier new year!