Jordin Sparks Is Dropping Weight Like a Bag of Bricks

The famed singer Jordin Sparks recently lost a plethora of weight and now looks better than ever. Ms. Sparks wowed people at her last public appearance looking more like a fashion model than a singer who was always considered overweight.Jordin Sparks Talks Weight Loss

Jordin Sparks has apparently lost about 50 lbs over the course of 11 months and even appeared on the cover of Shape Magazine! She looked absolutely marvelous and if you didn’t know who she was at first glance you would just assume it was a beautiful fitness model.

While Ms. Sparks admits that the weight loss was not easy she attributes her cleaned up diet, workout program, and a secret sidekick that she got from her best friend. The sidekick was none other than the all-natural metabolism booster known as Garcinia Cambogia.

After about 6 months Ms. Sparks hit a weight loss plateau that so many of us face. Her friend said that she lost 17 lbs in 4 months taking Garcinia Cambogia and it helped her overcome the plateau quickly.

Jordin didn’t go on a crazy fad diet but rather had a simple set of rules that she followed along her weight loss journey. Ms. Sparks says that she was able to stay disciplined throughout the 18 months because she knew how to satisfy her cravings and had enough external motivation to say no.

Jordin also had some advice for anyone looking to lose weight. She said recently;

“Ask yourself, am I really hungry, or am I having this because it looks good? It doesn’t have to be about sacrificing all the things you love. Just be conscious of portion size and why you’re eating.”

Jordin’s Dieting Struggles

One of Jordin Sparks weaknesses was potato chips and she admits that she has never been able to say no to them. So what did she do? She simply swapped out the potato chips for a healthier crunch! Every single day that she craved potato chips she would grab a bag of apple chips and chow down.

Over the course of a few months this health treat swap alone helped her lose a considerable amount of weight.

With her cravings in check and her metabolism kicking into overdrive thanks to the Garcinia Cambogia, Ms Sparks suddenly had the urge to increase her workouts.

Jordin has never been a huge fan of working out but says that she found that doing something as simple as walking with a friend for 45 minutes 3-4 times per week was a big push to get her over the weight loss hump.jordin sparks tiny yellow dress

After a few months of solid weight loss Ms. Sparks hired a personal trainer. It was a referral from a friend and she underwent some grueling workouts involving cardio, bodyweight exercises, and some resistance training machine work.

Jordin Sparks was quoted saying “one of the best investments you can ever make is in your self. Treating yourself to a top personal trainer will help you get through any weight loss plateau that you are facing on your own.”

While Jordin did not follow a super strict diet she would stick to her healthy foods everyday and had a few favorites. Let’s take a look at the diet plan that helped Jordin lose so much weight.

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