Jordin Sparks Workout Plan For Her 50 LB Weight Loss

If you haven’t heard, Jordin Sparks has lost over 50 lbs since late 2013 and admits that she is feeling better than ever! She even graced the cover of Shape Magazine revealing a flat stomach, toned arms, and best of all a magnetic smile that could light up a room.Jordin Sparks Workout

Jordin said that her motivation was herself. She knew that she wasn’t treating her body right and wanted to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle –and that all started with controlling her weight.

Ms. Sparks started to clean up her diet and started taking a powerful all natural metabolism booster after her best friend suggested it. Ms. Sparks took Garcina Cambogia every single day with breakfast and before she worked out for an extra kick of energy. She would certainly need this energy because halfway through her diet she hired a personal trainer to push her to the next level in her weight loss!

Her personal trainer put her on a 5 day per week workout regimen that would combine cardio, body weight exercises, and some light machine work to tone her muscles.

This combination gave her incredible results over the course of just a few months and got her to the point that she could show up at the Shape magazine photo shoot in the best shape of her life.

How did Ms Sparks go from 50 lbs overweight to gracing the cover of a fitness magazine? Recently her trainer revealed the top-secret regimen that gave Jordin Sparks such incredible results. Let’s dive in and take a look!

Sparks Workout Schedule


Mondays always consisted of Jordin’s least favorite workout activity – cardio. Just like the old adage says – you should always do the activity you don’t want to do the most first!

Jordin’s trainer lived by this principle and made her do a grueling cardio session to start the week. Her trainer knew that if she could get through her hardest and least favorite workout 1st thing in the week everything would seem easy after that.

Her Monday workouts consisted of 40-45 minutes of concentrated cardio work that would consist of 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, 15 minutes speed walking on the highest incline and the last 10 minutes running for an entire mile.

When Jordin first started the mile run she could only do it in 12 minutes, but by the end of her workout regimen she was running miles in less than 8 minutes!


Tuesday consisted of machine and weight room exercises focusing on the lower body. Like so many other women, Jordin not only wanted to lose weight but she wanted to have curves.

This meant that she had to hit the squat machine and do many other lower leg exercises.

Her trainer made sure that she did at least 15 sets of lower body exercises per workout and would typically perform 3 sets of 5 different exercises.

These exercises included smith machine squat, barbell squat, walking db lunge, Hamstring Curl machine, Leg extension machine.


Wednesday was another weight room workout day. This consisted of upper body exercises since her lower body was fairly sore on this day due to the cardio on Monday and the lower body workout on Tuesday.

Jordin completed 15 sets of upper body exercises and just like the lower body routine she did 3 sets of 5 different exercises.

Jordin wanted to tone and develop her arms so she did many exercises that would sculpt her shoulders and triceps.

Some of her favorite upper body sculpting exercises included the following: db curls, machine triceps extension, deltoid raises, lateral pulldown machine and the seated row machine.

This array of exercises gave her the perfect amount of calorie burning and muscle sculpting.


Thursday was an entire workout dedicated to abs! Jordin’s trainer said that many people spend only 2-3 minutes per workout on abs and don’t see any results – but you could have twice the results every week if you dedicated an entire workout to sculpting and defining your core.

Jordin would go through a rigorous 30-minute core-sculpting workout that would consist of a variety of lower, middle and upper abdominal movements.

While this was a tough workout to get through, Jordin admitted that she felt incredible after she trainer her abs and it gave her the psychological benefit that she was melting fat away from her stomach.

Some of the core sculpting exercises her trainer would employ were the plank, weighted horizontal leg crunch, Russian twist with a medicine ball, bicycle crunch, reverse hyperextension and the frog crunch!


Friday’s were an entire workout dedicated to bodyweight exercises. This involved a bit of cardio that was fun such as jump roping and plyometrics along with bodyweight strength exercises.

The 1st half of the workout would be the cardio portion where she would go through different jump roping routines and plyometric workouts. Plyometrics are a great way to burn calories while having fun.

They consist of many different jumping exercises such as jumping on and off a set of blocks and performing lateral side to side hops.Jordin_Sparks_Workout_001

After she got her blood circulating from the cardio routine she would start performing an array of bodyweight exercises to burn calories, increase strength and tone her from head to toe.

She would perform pushups, assisted pull-ups, walking lunges, wall sits, burpees, and mountain climbers in an interval style workout.

This meant that she would hardly rest between sets. This fast pace allowed her to become a calorie burning machine throughout the workout and is a major reason she had such an incredible weight loss transformation.

The Weekend:

Jordin would get the entire weekend off after training her body for 5 straight days. This was a well deserved time off and allowed her body to heal and come back energized and ready to go on Monday!

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