Vicky Pattison’s Weight Loss Secret

Vicky Pattison recently lost a significant amount of weight and was photographed during a run at the park looking sexier than ever. The reality tv star lost a significant amount of weight and we have the details on how she did it so quickly!

We snatched her weight loss blueprint along with the diet plan from her nutritionist and found out how the Geordie Shore star got so slim. The details are going to surprise you!Before and After Vicky Pattison
Vicky is the first one to admit that sticking to a diet was not easy for her and she enjoys her food. Vicky recently said that “I don’t agree with faddy diets, starving yourself or any of that crap. I believe in everything in moderation and living your life and enjoying yourself and being realistic. I will admit though, if it weren’t for Garcinia Cambogia, I wouldn’t have lost a pound.”

Vicky was the first person to admit that if she gave up drinking all together and some of her favorite foods she would literally go insane. Vicky is young and likes to have fun so it was all about moderation and consistently making the right choices that gave her such incredible results.

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Common Troubles Vicky Experienced

Vicky said that she has gone through stretches where she ate perfect and didn’t drink at all for a week or two and she fell off the wagon hard and went on an eating binge. Her eating binge consisted of massive amounts of pizza, fast food and desserts. After her last eating binge Vicky decided that it was time to use the “moderation” approach for losing weight and optimizing her health.

Due to being on a reality TV show Vicky is partying all the time – and this is not the ideal lifestyle to lose weight. This should show you that regardless of your job or lifestyle – you have ZERO excuse not to lose weight quickly if you put the right things in your body and have the right approach.

What spurned this sudden motivation? Believe it or not it was seeing herself in paparazzi pictures on the beach. Vicky was disgusted how she looked in the pictures and saw with her own eyes that she was drastically over weight. Getting revenge and looking forward to seeing her picture instead of dreading it was all she needed to make an immediate change.Diet Plan

Vicky started dieting in moderation and decided that she would research the best all natural weight loss product that wouldn’t harm her long-term health and give her consistent results.

Vicky stumbled across Garcinia Cambogia – and decided to give it a try. Between staying consistent with her diet 80-90 percent of the time and supplementing with an incredible all natural fat burner- the weight started melting off.

Vicky said that the best part about her clean diet and taking Garcinia Cambogia was her energy levels. Every morning she would eat a healthy breakfast of egg whites and oatmeal and take her Garcinia Cambogia pill. She would then workout for about 40 minutes after on the elliptical machine or treadmill.

She said that the Garcinia Cambogia pills after breakfast always gave her that extra push to hit the gym and get in a great workout. This set the tone for the rest of the day to eat the right things.

Vicky said that when you start your day with a good meal and a good workout the rest of the day seems to be much easier to follow your diet. You remember how much work you put in during that workout and you don’t want to take a step back.

So what kind of diet plan did Vicky follow during her weight loss transformation? Vicky fell off the wagon following a strict diet plan in the past so she decided that she would reward herself with a mid week cheat meal and a weekend cheat meal.

This meant that during her cheat meals she would satisfy all her cravings and then quickly get back on track with her diet. Vicky’s favorite food vices were pizza, donuts, ice cream and submarine sandwiches.

She would make sure that she satisfied her cravings at least twice a week. Vicky is all about enjoying life and not torturing her self – but still craved the quick results we all do. This moderation helped her do both at the same time.

For the other portion of her diet Vicky was putting the right things in her body. She spoke to nutrition and weight loss expert and made sure that she had the knowledge and information to lose weight quickly so she bought the right groceries and understood what things to avoid.

Vicky’s Casual Yet Effective Diet Plan

Breakfast usually consisted of eggs and oatmeal. The eggs gave her body protein to fuel her workout and the oatmeal gave her the perfect amount of nourishment and energy.

This was a huge change from her usual breakfast of pancakes, and bacon. Instead of eating high sugar carbohydrates and unhealthy fats – she was consuming lean protein and energy boosting healthy carbs.

After breakfast she would always take her Garcinia Cambogia pill – which added to her weight loss and boosted her energy levels for her after breakfast workout.

The biggest change in Vicky’s diet was that she tried to eliminate rice, bread and pasta for lunch. These are empty carbohydrates that spike your insulin and cause you to gain weight quickly. Vicky substituted these bad carbohydrates with fresh fruit and delicious organic salads topped with grilled chicken or shrimp.

Her favorite fruit was fresh and juicy watermelon, pineapple, and organic blueberries. This not only helped her lose weight quickly but also increased her energy levels and gave her body a ton of antioxidants and vitamins.

Vicky would once again take a Garcinia Cambogia pill after lunch to power her through the rest of the day and boost her metabolism. Vicky said that she felt an immediate increase in her energy levels and productivity after taking the Garcinia Cambogia pill. She would try to keep her snacking to a minimum throughout the day and when she did snack she would go for some delicious almond butter on top of an apple or banana. This satisfied her sweet tooth and was still relatively healthy while boosting her energy levels.

Dinners were a big change for Vicky as well. Instead of her biggest meal of the day occurring at dinner- she would try to eat lighter and load up on the protein and vegetables. Her favorite dinner’s consisted of lean cuts of steak paired with asparagus or grilled salmon with steamed broccoli.

Since Vicky followed a very healthy diet about 90 percent of the time she did not feel bad when she indulged in pizza, ice cream and other junk food on her cheat meals.

For Vicky Pattison – her amazing weight loss story was all about moderation and learning how to eat for maximum energy and weight loss. Well done Vicky!


Vicky Pattison Workout Plan


Vicky Pattison was recently photographed looking incredible during a jog at the park. She looked like she had lost nearly 50 lbs since her infamous paparazzi photos were taken at the beach.

Vicky said that her tipping point was seeing those pictures of herself at the beach and being absolutely embarrassed. At the age of 26, she had already let herself go and decided it was time for a serious wakeup call.

Vicky decided she needed to lose weight quickly and used the pap pictures as her motivation.Vicky Pattison Workout Plan

She got the help of a nutrition expert and trainer and got to work! She also researched the best all natural metabolism booster to further increase her results.

Between making these 3 major changes, Vicky was a weight loss machine!

Believe it or not Vicky still enjoyed things like alcohol and her favorite foods. She once tried to go on a crazy hardcore diet plan where she eliminated all unhealthy food and gave up drinking. She fell off the wagon in about 10 days and binged on booze and fast food.

After that little episode Vicky decided to take a more realistic approach to her weight loss. Vicky decided she would take care of all her cravings during a Wednesday cheat meal and a weekend “cheat meal.”

Whatever she was craving – she would eat it during her cheat meal.  For the rest of her week she would follow a fairly strict diet that consisted of eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, delicious salads and fresh fruit for lunch and lean proteins paired with veggies for dinner.

She also took a Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pill after breakfast and lunch, which supercharged her weight loss results and gave her the energy to workout 5 times per week.

We snatched up her workout regimen and are excited to share it with you. Vicky would train 5 times per week after eating breakfast and taking her Garcinia Cambogia pill.

Vicky said that the Garcinia Cambogia pills gave her a surge of 75-90 minutes of intense energy and she capitalized on this with intense cardio sessions.

Let’s dive in and take a look at what Vicky did to lose weight so quickly.


Mondays usually consisted of an intense elliptical session. Vicky would perform 40 minutes of elliptical work at moderate intensity. This helped her burn calories quickly and also sculpted her legs and butt.


Tuesdays Vicky liked to get outside and enjoy the outdoors when weather was permitting. Vicky would go for a bike ride or a jog for about 45 minutes. Vicky said that she loved to train outside, as it was a lot more uplifting than being stuck in a gloomy gym.


Vicky would typically do high intensity interval training on the treadmill on Wednesdays. She would do a 20-minute workout on the incline that consisted of running for 30 seconds and walking for 60 seconds.

Doing this workout on the incline gave her great toning and leg development.


Thursday usually consisted of Yoga. Vicky started getting into hot yoga and she enjoyed the full body workout and toning that Yoga gave her.


Fridays consisted of Vicky’s 2nd elliptical workout of the week. She would aim to go for her best workout of the week on Fridays and take the weekend off after 5 straight days of training.


Weekends consisted of relaxing and catching up with friends. Vicky was usually sore after 5 straight days of training so she used the weekends to recover. Vicky would also make sure to take her Garcinia Cambogia pills after breakfast and lunch on the weekends so she could continue her weight loss and overcome any extra calories she may be consuming on the weekends.

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