Jonah Hill Looks Amazing After Weight Loss and Diet

Hollywood star Jonah Hill has been on a bit of a weight loss roller coaster since 2011. When pictures surfaced of Jonah Hill’s dramatic weight loss in 2015 fans could hardly recognize the king of modern day Hollywood comedy.  Jonah shed close to 40 lbs. for some big movie roles in 2015 and even got the help from The Rock and a top Hollywood trainer.

Jonah Hill Diet

That’s right! Jonah Hill became close friends with The Rock in 2014 and after sharing his weight loss woes with the Hollywood Muscle Man, the Rock had just the game plan. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?! Bad joke aside, The Rock shared his fitness secret with Jonah Hill and recommended that he change his external influences.


The Rock explained that if he hired a trainer that actually motivated him to maintain the fitness lifestyle he would never look back. The Rock made a call to his favorite motivational trainer – and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!


Jonah Hill started eating clean and working out like he has never done before. Jonah admits that the first 2 weeks were the hardest but he kept his eyes on the prize.


Jonah’s trainer made sure that he implemented 3 major changes into Jonah’s life that were slowing down his metabolism.


  1. Jonah had to stop consuming donuts in the morning. This was Jonah’s guilty pleasure and set the tone to be lazy and make bad eating decisions all day. Jonah swapped out the decadent bagel for a hearty whole grain bagel. It’s not about making drastic changes on day 1, but rather small incremental changes that add up to a whole lot by the end of the year. Instead of telling Jonah to eat an egg white omelet with spinach his trainer knew that he would have to slowly adjust him to the new lifestyle.


  1. No more stimulants, energy drinks, and coffee! Jonah is no stranger to extreme weight loss. Back in 2011 he lost close to 40 lbs. pretty quickly only to gain it right back. Jonah was using dangerous fat loss stimulants and over the counter products to spark his metabolism. This was a dangerous combination that resulted in what weight loss experts call a “yo-yo” diet. Jonah opted for the all natural route this time, and started taking Liquid L-Carnitine along with powerful all natural weight loss pills. This combination kept his weight from creeping back after the diet.


  1. No more drunken binge eating at 2 AM! Jonah loves to party and enjoy the Hollywood lifestyle – but it finally caught up with him. Jonah has been partying hard since his Super Bad days – and late night eating usually leads to ice cream, pizza, and the convenience store snack aisle.


Although we were unable to get the exact meal plan that Jonah Hill followed the last few months to supercharge his health and weight loss – we have a few of his favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with his supplement regimen.


Morning Weight Loss Regimen:Jonah's Diet Results


Jonah made a pact with his trainer that he would stay away from donuts for breakfast – so he regularly opted for whole grain bagels with reduced fat cream cheese and chai spiced tea. This was a huge change from the usual combination of salt, sugar, fat, and caffeine that accompanied his donut and coffee choice.


Along with his slow digesting carbohydrate rich breakfast Jonah would take 2 all natural metabolism boosting pills to increase his energy and increase his body’s fat burning potential.


Afternoon Regimen:


Jonah Hill was often traveling and on a movie set for much of his weight loss – so the options for lunch varied quite a bit. When Jonah was in LA he would have his private chef make him a low carbohydrate lunch he would bring to the movie set. Jonah’s favorite choice was a pan seared sirloin steak salad. Jonah’s private chef would make an 8-ounce sirloin steak and pan fry it in coconut oil. He would then put the delicious and lean cut of steak onto a big big of spinach leaves, whole grain croutons, and low calorie salad dressing.


After lunch Jonah would again supplement with his powerful all natural weight loss pills.


Dinner Regimen:


Dinner always consisted of some combination of Sashimi, Steak, or Seafood. These are foods that Jonah loves and they are all loaded with high quality protein. Jonah would enjoy take out from some of Hollywood’s best sushi spots, or have his private Chef whip him up a high quality piece of Salmon, Sea Bass, or Filet Mignon at home.

Jonah would sometimes take a 3rd dose of his powerful all natural weight loss pills if he had to work on a movie set late at night, or would enjoy a glass of Chai spiced tea to unwind for the night.


 Jonah Hill Workout Regimen


Monday: Chest, Abs and Biceps


Jonah would perform 3 total sets of the following exercises with only 45 seconds rest between sets. This was the “fat loss” phase of the workout and was designed to sculpt his chest, abs and arms while providing maximum fat loss results with the short rest periods. All sets were done until failure, and under the supervision of the incredible Hollywood trainer that The Rock recommended to him.


Exercise One: Incline Bodyweight Push Ups(chest)


Exercise Two: Pillar holds (Abs)


Exercise Three: Smith Machine Bench press


Exercise Four: Barbell incline bench press(chest)


Exercise Five: Barbell underhand grip row(biceps)


Exercise Six: Weighted Abdominal machine(abs)


Exercise Seven: Rope Curls(biceps)



Wednesday or Thursday: Compound Legs and Abs


Jonah would perform a hardcore leg and ab workout on Wednesday or Thursday. Leg workouts are the key to incredible weight loss results because it gives your body the best chance to naturally boost its metabolism when you are trying to recover. Jonah admits that he was sore for up to 3 days following these intense leg workouts!


Exercise One: Barbell front Squat


Exercise two: DB walking lunges (30 full seconds time under tension)


Exercise three: Db Step Ups


Exercise Four: Smith Machine Dead Lift


Exercise Five: Leg extension (single leg at a time, aka iso-lateral)


Exercise Six: Prone Leg Curl


Exercise Seven: Weighted Abdominal Plank Holds


Exercise Eight: rope crunches

Jonah Hill Before and After


Friday: HIIT Intervals


Friday was a “pure fat loss” style workout and involved 30 minutes of high intensity interval training along with some body weight exercises. The goal of this regimen was to turn Jonah into a lean and sexy fat burning machine.


This workout is scientifically formulated to turn your body into a calorie burning machine around the clock. If you perform these workouts at maximum intensity your metabolism can actually be increased for up to 24-36 hours following the workout. This makes losing excess body fat effortless!


Exercise One: Sprint Intervals


Exercise Two: Leap Ups


Exercise three: Burpees


Exercise Four: kettle bell circuit training



Sunday: Full Body Compound


Sunday’s involved a rigorous full body compound style workout. Jonah was doing four sets of the six most effective compound movements prescribed by his world class trainer.


Jonah would perform Three total sets in the 12-15 repetition range of the following exercises:


Exercise One: Db Bench press

Exercise Two: Db Single leg dead lift

Exercise three: Barbell Row

Exercise four: Military Press(barbell)

Exercise five: Barbell Split Leg squat