Tamra Judge Food Diary: Diet Secrets of Body Transformation

Less than six months ago, the Real Housewives of Orange County star decided she wanted to transform her body. Now the mom of four is fresh off of winning her first Muscle Mania competition — but she’s not doing it for the trophies. “To me, it was never about getting on stage and winning,” Judge, 48, tells PEOPLE. “It was more about setting a goal for myself and completing it. That’s what I did. That was the rewarding part.” As for what actually sparked the decision to set that goal?

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Bikini Body

“I was at the age where a lot of women’s bodies start to go through menopause, and I’d been seeing some changes in my body and I didn’t like it,” Judge says.As a result, Judge started training at her CUT Fitness gym with trainer Mia Finnegan and soon enough, she decided she wanted to kick things up a notch and compete. “As far as competitions go, I’d always wanted to do one, but I never had the tools to do it,” Judge says. “Going to the gym is one thing, but this is a whole other level. This is like,bodybuilding. You have to train totally differently for it.”

Fitness and Diet

Tamra Judge Fitness Star

“So I started training with [Finnegan] heavily, for the past five months, and I started seeing my body changing,” Judge continues. “And it wasn’t all at once. It took some time and it was discouraging — at times I thought: ‘What am I doing?’, and it was lot of work. And then it just happened. [Finnegan] said what I did to my body [in five months] normally would take a year.” Judge ended up losing 16 percent body fat and got down to around 111 lbs. with an intense workout routine and a strict diet.

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“I would wake up around 4:30 a.m. and I would do low intensity cardio at home,” Judge says. “Then I would meet [Finnegan] and she would just take me through lifting. I would do split body parts, legs and shoulders, or biceps and triceps. We do two body parts and pretty much always do abdominals — we’d work those out every single day.”Says Judge, “I would eat often. In the morning I would eat oatmeal with blueberries, and then I would have four egg whites. Then I would go and work out, I’d come back home, I’d take an after-workout AdvoCare drink — I’m on a ton of supplements, still am.”

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