The Workout The Jennifer Hudson Used For Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Hudson, or maybe recently saw her on TV lately you would have noticed she lost an incredible amount of weight.  We were lucky enough to figure out her exact workout routine that helped her drop over 10 dress sizes, check it out below.

Jennifer Hudson Workout

Jennifer Hudson would usually workout around 10 AM – about 2 hours after taking her powerful all natural metabolism boosting pills. This is when her energy levels were at their peak and she was able to turn her body into a calorie burning machine.


Jennifer’s trainer had her perform a series of resistance training workouts that were designed to boost her metabolism and help her burn extra calories even AFTER she worked out. She also incorporated Yoga for a powerful mind and body connection.


Jennifer says that the Mind-Body connection is so important for fast and long lasting weight loss success – and the Yoga helped her mind as well as her body.

Jennifer Hudson Skinny

Jennifer would perform a 3-4 times per week workout regimen – and it was broken down like this:


Monday or Tuesday: Yoga/Abdominal Training Routine


Jennifer would perform a 45-minute yoga routine, and would add in a full abdominal training routine after to stimulate belly fat loss.


This combination got her off to a great start to the week – and allowed her to fuel that powerful mind-body connection for the upcoming week ahead.


Full Abdominal Training Routine Circuit: 2 Total Circuits


Jennifer would perform all of these exercises in a row with only 15 seconds rest between, and then would rest a full 60 seconds between circuits and repeat this Two times.


30 Seconds: Russian twist with medicine ball

30 Seconds: Iso crunch twist

45 Seconds: Plank hold(Center)

45 Seconds: plank hold (left and right)

1 Minute Vertical Toe Touches

30 Seconds Hanging Leg Raises with knees bent



Wednesday: Resistance Machine Training (Full Body)


Jennifer’s trainer told her that the fastest way for her to lose body fat in her entire body was to incorporate full body resistance training – so that is exactly what she did!

Jennifer would hit the local gym with her trainer and go through all of the resistance training machines for about 1 hour.

She would perform 3 sets of the following exercises with 75 seconds rest between sets.


Exercise one: Seated Lateral Machine

Exercise Two: Seated Abdominal Crunch Machine

Exercise Three: Hack Squat Machine

Exercise Four: Leg Press MachineJennifer_Hudson_Workout_Routine

Exercise Five: Leg extension Machine

Exercise Six: Underhand Grip lateral pulldown


Weekend: Body Weight Resistance Training

Jennifer would try to get in a body weight exercise routine on the weekends. When the weather was nice she and her trainer would head outside and do the following full body circuit.

Jennifer would do 2 total circuits of this body weight routine with 45 seconds rest between exercises.

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Body Weight Exercise Circuit



Knees on the Ground Push Ups

Superman Lower Back Exercise

Swiss Ball Roll outs

Swiss ball hamstring curls

Body Weight Russian Twists

Squat Jumps