Kate Hudson Reveals Her Complete Diet Plan and Workout

Kate Hudson Diet Plan Overview

Skinny Kate



Just a few short years ago actress Kate Hudson tipped the scales at 70 lbs. overweight after giving birth to her second son. She faced the problem many women in their early 30’s face after having a child – excessive weight gain paired with a sluggish metabolism!


Fast forward to now – and you would never know that Kate Hudson was the mother of 2 children – and has not only lost 70 lbs. the last 18 months, but also shows off a toned and tight physique. (See How Hollywood Uses Garcinia Cambogia Here).


How in the world did Kate Hudson transform her post pregnancy body into a sculpted work of art? The answer is going to shock you as she refused to go on a calorie restricted diet – and actually ate 1,500-1,800 calories per day!

How in the world did she pull off this miracle while enjoying food every single day?  We are going to dive into this in fine detail. Kate Hudson’s weight loss story is miraculous – and should inspire a nation of mother’s looking to sculpt a toned and healthy physique post pregnancy.

Kate Hudson’s rapid transformation is a tribute to what experts are calling “carbohydrate intelligence” paired with a new enthusiasm to work out almost every single day.


Since Kate admits that she absolutely LOVES food she refused to starve herself just to lose weight. Kate instead tried out a new dieting strategy that involves eating a lot of calories but keeping her carbohydrate and sugar totals low she could maintain healthy blood sugar levels and boost her metabolism.

Kate hired a professional body transformation expert to assist her in this new diet. The goal of Kate’s post pregnancy diet was to make her feel always full and satisfied while simultaneously boosting her body’s most important fat burning hormones.

This meant that Kate consumed a lot of lean proteins, healthy fats, fresh vegetables, and would only indulge in carbohydrates such as Fruit and sweets post workout when her body needed it after being depleted.



Kate also got a recommendation from a celebrity weight loss coach about an all natural diet pill that would further boost her metabolism and help her boost energy levels for her workouts.

The combination of carbohydrate intelligence, powerful metabolism boosting diet pills, and consistent workouts is all the 34-year-old mom needed to become a fat burning machine and transform her physique to what it was when she was 24!

Kate says that she has never felt better – and that she now has the same body she had 10 years and 2 kids ago!


We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask Kate’s diet coach and ask her a few questions about carbohydrate intelligence and the daily diet that Kate Hudson used to transform her physique.

Q: We here that Kate used a “carbohydrate intelligence” diet to lose all of the post pregnancy weight. Can you tell us what this diet consists of?

A: The whole goal of the diet is to keep blood sugar, aka “Insulin” levels low for long periods of time each day. This correlates into a speedy metabolism and will give you more energy throughout the day. By eliminating bread, pasta and grains from her diet Kate not only was able to boost her metabolism but had the energy levels to workout furiously each day.

Q: Does this mean that Kate never could eat carbohydrates?

A: No – not at all. Carbohydrate intelligence just means that there are strategic times of the day where your body actually needs carbohydrates – and times where it is better to eliminate them so you can burn fat. The best times of the day for Kate to enjoy carbohydrates were for breakfast and before/after a workout.

So you are probably really curious what a day in the life of a carbohydrate intelligence diet looks like? Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Kate Hudson’s weight loss diet.

Kate Hudson Weight Loss Meal Plan

1 Cup Liquid Egg Whites, ½ Sliced Avocado, ¼ Cup Fresh Salsa, 1 Cup Organic Mixed Berries

1 Metabolism boosting Pill

Meal Number 2 – 10:30 AM

2 Tbsp. Almond Butter on an Organic Honey Crisp Apple

1 Metabolism boosting pill

Meal Number 3 – 1:00 PM (Pre Workout) 

6 Ounces Boneless Skinless Chicken breast topped with 2 tbsp. organic Hummus

1 Cup Mashed Sweet potato with cinnamon and marshmallow fluff

Meal Number 4 –  4:00 Pm (Post workout fruit smoothie) 

1 Cup Low Calorie Coconut Milk, 1 Scoop vanilla whey protein, ½ frozen banana, ½ Cup frozen pineapple, 1 tbsp. chia seeds

Meal Number 5 – 7:00 PM(Dinner)

6 Ounces Wild Caught Salmon, 1 Cup Steamed Veggies with 1 tbsp. coconut oil, fresh garlic, oregano

Total Daily Calories: 1,700



Kate Hudson Workout Plan Overview 

Two years ago Kate Hudson gave birth to her second son, Bing. While this is usually a joyous time in any woman’s life – Kate admits that she became depressed shortly after because her weight ballooned to close to 70 lbs. overweight.

At just 32 years of age at the time Kate felt that she would never feel sexy again. Fast forward to a short 18 months later and Kate Hudson looks toned, sexy and fiercer than ever!

Kate has not only lost ALL of her maternity weight – but has toned her body and even sculpted a booty!


How in the world did she go from being 70 lbs. overweight post pregnancy to sculpting a body that resembled her from 10 years ago? A lot of hard work and a little help from a powerful all natural metabolism boosting pill!

Step one was hiring a bad ass Hollywood trainer that would inspire her to workout daily. Kate says that she loves food way too much to starve herself – so instead of going on a calorie restricted diet she learned to love working out every single day.

Kate says that her trainer pushed her to new levels of fitness – and that she started to look forward to training every single day because she was seeing results so fast and she was constantly doing different fitness regimens.

The hardest part about getting in great shape is staying motivated to workout every single day. How was Kate able to go from someone who hated working out to working out every single day for sometimes 2 hours per day?


That secret will be revealed in this article as we were able to ask her amazing trainer a few questions about her motivation and daily workout schedule.

Kate Hudson trainer Q and A


Q: What is the “secret” to sparking your motivation levels and getting in phenomenal shape post pregnancy?

A: You always have to remind yourself on why you are working out so hard. Kate wanted to not only feel sexy again, but look sexy. Kate was obviously motivated by her career – but we kept reminding her at the start of her workouts that she would NEVER regret looking great at the end of the day and that once the ball got moving forward it would become easier and easier each day.

Q: What type of workouts did Kate us to lose weight so quickly?

A: Along the lines of motivation – we made sure that Kate was always doing different types of workouts. We call this “muscle confusion” and it is a powerful beast when it comes to motivation and post workout metabolism. New and fresh workouts help you to raise your workout intensity which boosts your metabolism following a workout. This is a dangerous combination and causes you to shed the lbs. rapidly.

So what did a week of Kate Hudson post pregnancy workouts look like? Let’s dive in and take a look.


Kate Hudson Workout Overview


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Cardio Confusion


Monday, Wednesday and Friday consisted of doing 3 different types of cardio in the same workout. This is a way to spark workout motivation as opposed to doing just 1 boring type of cardio such as running on the treadmill.

20 Minutes: Biking Interval

This routine consisted of doing interval sessions of low, moderate, and high intensity on the stationary bicycle. By interspersing workout intensity for short periods of time Kate was able to raise her metabolism levels and keep the workout interesting at the same time.

20 Minutes: Row Machine

The row machine is what Kate’s trainer calls “full body cardio” as it involves her legs, upper body and abdominals. Kate would row at maximum intensity for a full 15 minutes during her cardio confusion workouts.

20 Minutes: Stair Master Machine

The stair master is great for gluteus, hamstring and quadriceps development. Kate wanted to make sure she sculpted a great booty and the stair master was her secret weapon!

10 Minutes: Abdominal Circuit

Kate would end her cardio confusion workouts with some Abdominal exercises. Some of Kate’s go to abdominal exercises:


Pillar holds

Abdominal X’s and O’s

Jack knife crunch

Bicycle Crunches

Horizontal Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch

Russian Twist


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Full body “resistance confusion” workouts


Kate would perform 12 different resistance training exercises every single workout on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s.

Kate and her trainer would spend over 2 hours in the gym during these workouts and she would sculpt her post pregnancy body from head to toe!

These resistance training workouts helped Kate tone her body, sculpt sexy six pack abs and turn her body into a calorie burning machine all day.

Resistance training actually burns way more calories than standard cardio, and any muscle mass you put on further helps you boost your metabolism.

These “resistance confusion” workouts are the reason Kate was able to eat 1,500-1,800 calories per day yet still lose weight.

Let’s take a look at her staple exercises on the resistance confusion plan.


Lower body resistance confusion exercises:


Kate would perform 6 of these exercises every workout for a total of 3 sets per exercise.

Single Leg Leg Press

Barbell box Squat

Db Bulgarian Split Squat

Kettle Bell Swings

Kettle bell Snatch

Romanian Dead Lift

Db Walking Lunge

Db Step Ups

Squat Machine

Db Squats


Upper Body Resistance Confusion Exercises:


Kate would perform 6 of these exercises every workout for a total of 3 sets per exercise.


Db Bench Press

Body Weight Dips

Assisted Pull Up Machine

Db Shoulder Press

Lateral Pull-down (underhand grip)

Db Bicep Curls

Db Triceps Kickbacks

Bodyweight Pushups

Knees on Ground Pushups

Mountain Climbers

Lateral Raises










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