Wendy Williams Workout and Diet Plan

Wendy Williams has reached fame and fortune as a popular talk show host but has always struggled with her weight – especially after turning 50. Although she gives advice to millions of women around the world she admits that weight loss and “eating to look fit” has always confused her. Wendy has hired the help of several fat loss specialists and trainers in the past year and has lost an impressive 50 lbs! What was her motivation? Besides wanting to inspire millions of women around the world and look great while hosting her popular TV show she states that preventing heart disease is a huge motivation.Wendy Williams

Heart Disease runs in Wendy Williams family and she knew she had to lose weight and get in better shape to prevent this deadly disease from prematurely ending her life.


Wendy Williams has made a few huge changes to her life in the last 12 months that has resulted in her looking and feeling better than ever before.

  1. She has adopted Vegan eating principles and no longer consumes dairy, meat, and refined sugars in het diet
  2. She has stopped taking dangerous stimulant based fat burners and is now taking powerful all natural diet pills that give her metabolism a healthy boost and provide her clean energy without a crash
  3. She Is now working out with her celebrity trainer consistently and enjoys both cardio and resistance exercises.


Wendy’s trainer said that the synergistic effect of eliminating dairy, processed carbohydrates, and meat gave her the initial boost to supercharge her energy levels and metabolism. After her body started to get use to the dietary changes she implemented powerful weight loss pills into her diet three times per day on workout days.



This gave her clean and sustainable energy that boosted her metabolism and gave her that “extra kick” for killer workouts. Wendy was taking several stimulant based fat burners and her weight was “yo-yoing” as a result of this. These stimulant based fat burners will help you lose weight for a few days, but come with a huge list of negative side effects. Wendy opted to go the sustainable and all natural route and said she has had incredible and consistent results all year because of this. Her trainer explains that the stimulant based fat burners will cause you to lose weight quickly but you immediately put it back on. When you take an all natural metabolism booster you keep the weight off for good and you have clean energy. This is part of the reason Wendy saw such impressive results – but the other part is for sure her dedication to the gym.


Interested in what Wendy Williams ate for such impressive results? We actually got our hands on the exact Vegan weight loss meal plan that Wendy Williams Follows. This meal plan and supplement regimen has helped her lose an astonishing 50 lbs. while giving her all day energy to actually enjoy her workouts.


Wendy Williams Diet PlanWendy Williams Diet


7 AM: Meal Number 1

Weight Loss Oatmeal:

½ Cup Oatmeal with ¼ Cup Organic Blueberry, 2 tbsp. hemp seeds, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp Raw Cacoa powder

1 Cup Fresh Fruit: pineapple, Banana, blackberry

1 Cup Coffee with 2 tsp cinnamon and Stevia Extract

2 All Natural Weight Loss pills

10 AM: Meal Number 2

High Protein Weight Loss Snack:

2 Tbsp. Chocolate Flavored Almond Butter on Carrots and Celery

Vegan Protein Shake

2 All natural weight loss pills

1 PM: Meal number 3

Superhuman Weight Loss Salad:

1 Cup organic mixed Greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, jicama, red bell peppers, onions, alfalfa sprouts, chia seeds, coconut oil based salad dressing

Hot Green tea with fresh lemon juice

4 PM: Meal Number 4

Carrot Sticks, Cucumber Sticks, celery Sticks dipped in Organic Hummus

2 All natural weight loss Pills

6 PM: Meal Number 5

Pan Seared Tofu (fried in coconut oil) dipped in Tamarind Cashew Sauce

1 Cup Black beans, Cayenne Pepper sauce on top

½ Cup Cashew Milk Ice Cream (usually Hazelnut, Wendy’s favorite)

8 PM: Meal number 6

Slow Digesting Vegan Protein Shake


Wendy Williams Workout PlanWendy Williams Workout

Wendy Williams has become a workout junkie in 2015 on her way to losing an incredible 50 lbs! Thanks to her clean eating Vegan Lifestyle and the clean energy from her weight loss pills Wendy Williams has been able to incorporate the gym 5 times a week into her regimen. If Wendy Williams can be a mother and host one of the most popular TV shows in America and STILL find the time to workout 5 times per week you surely have no excuses. We caught up with Wendy’s trainer and got our hands on the workout regimen that she used to speed up her weight loss and most importantly enjoy her workouts.


Wendy Williams Workouts were separated into 2 different Types: Lower body and core training and Cardio. Wendy’s trainer would have her doing 3 lower body and core training workouts per week while adding in two days for full body cardio.


Let’s dive in and take a look at the Wendy Williams Workout plan:


Monday, Thursday, Sunday:

Lower Body and Abdominal Training Routine

Wendy’s Routine would consist of 5 powerful lower body exercises and 3 abdominal exercises.

Wendy’s trainer would always spice things up and incorporate different lower body exercises that sculpted her thighs, hamstrings, and gluteus while providing her powerful metabolism boosting results.

Here is a list of all the amazing lower body exercises her trainer had her performing on these lower body training days:


Leg press

Box Squat

Barbell slow motion squat

Single leg – leg press

Kettle bell swings

Romanian dead lift

Db step ups

Db walking lunges

Squat machine

Lying hamstring machine

Swiss ball hamstring curls

Gluteus bridge

Leg Extension (double and single leg)

Weighted squat jumps

Wall Sits


Her routine consisted of the following workout principles:


-5 unique lower body exercises per workout

-4 Sets of Each Exercise

-Rest time limited to 60 seconds between sets

-Repetition range between 8-12 each set


After she performed her lower body exercises she would hit an abdominal training circuit that consisted of 3 unique abdominal exercises done in back to back circuits. This meant that she would perform 3 ab exercises back to back to back, rest 45 seconds – and then repeat the abdominal routine. Here are some of the abdominal exercises she performed during these circuits.


Pillar Holds

Db side bends

Russian twist

Bicycle crunch

Abdominal x’s and 0’s

Bodyweight cocoons

Horizontal leg crunch

Vertical leg crunch

Hanging leg raises

Jack knife crunch

Swiss ball crunch

Weighted standard crunch


These lower body and abdominal exercises formed the foundation of the Wendy Williams weight loss workout regimen. She would perform these workouts three times per week and they would last an average of 1 hours each.  Thanks to her clean vegan diet eating principles and powerful all natural weight loss pills she was able to complete these workouts at peak intensity supercharging her metabolism and helping her lose 50 lbs. throughout 2015.


Tuesday and Friday Training Days


Full Body Cardio Confusion Training Routine

Wendy’s trainer explains that she hates doing cardio so he had to integrate it into a “cardio confusion circuit” to eliminate boredom and keep things interesting.

She would perform these cardio based workouts two times per week to burn an extra 750 calories per week and boost her metabolism!

These workouts are simple, effective, and powerful for anyone looking to become a fat burning machine.

Let’s take a look at the circuit cardio routine! She would typically perform these workouts 45 minutes after eating lunch when her weight loss pills kicked into high gear providing her with clean and focused energy.


Wendy Williams Cardio Confusion Routine:

Exercise One: Mountain Climbers


Sets: 3

Reps: 30 seconds

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Two: Full Body Burpees

Sets: 3

Reps: 60 Seconds

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Three: Leap Ups


Sets: 3

Reps: 15

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Four: Push Up Ladders

Sets: 3

Reps: 15

Rest Time: 60 Seconds

Exercise Five: Incline treadmill


Sets: 1

Reps: 10 Minutes

Exercise Six: Elliptical Machine

Sets: 1

Reps: 10 Minutes

Exercise Seven: Rowing Machine

Sets: 1

Reps: 10 Minutes









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