Staying Fit and Fantastic: Rita Moreno

“I’m probably the happiest person I know,” says the 82-year-old Moreno, the only Latina actress ever to win an Emmy, a Tony, a Grammy and an Oscar. And like any trained performer knows, daily exercise is crucial for keeping a trim figure camera-ready. Moreno, who “started dancing almost before I could walk,” no longer dances after knee replacement surgery. (The other knee’s not in great shape either, she says.) But she still exercises every day — and she keeps it simple.

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Rita Moreno VHS Exercise

Rita Moreno Now You Can Fit Fabulous Forever VHS

“I do a lot of walking, every day,” says Moreno of her current workout routine. To maintain a beautiful body even at the age of 83, Rita just keeps it simple by doing daily exercises. She said in an interview, “I try to walk four to five miles, three or four times a week, when I can. I am usually on a plane flying somewhere. I travel a lot, but I must exercise.”

Fabuolous Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno, Hollywood Legend

Now, does she follow a special diet? Well, according to her, “I’m trying, now that I am in my dotage, to use a lot less sugar and my husband and I really try to keep close to a minimum of fat; chicken, fish, loads of salads and legumes. We both love all of those. To be honest, nothing that is in our diet is that original. We eat seafood but we do not eat shellfish. On the other hand, if my body says to me, ‘eat meat’ I do. I listen to my body, I think that’s important.”

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