Mo’Nique’s Incredible 90lb Weight Loss Diet

Mo’Nique has had an incredible career as an actress and stand up comedian but has always struggled with her weight. While many could argue that her obesity caused her to craft a unique image and helped her land Hollywood Fame – it was also killing her and causing friction with her family life.

In the past she has really embraced her obese figure. Mo’Nique has even published several books with the titles “Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big girl in a small minded world” and a cookbook titled “Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted.

monique weight loss before and after

While Mo’Nique has always been proud of her bigger frame and even used it for fame and fortune – a new side of her appeared in 2015 motivated to focus on her health, weight loss, and family life. Mo’Nique has had one of the most inspirational weight loss stories of all time in 2015 and is nearing her overall weight loss goal of 115 pounds! She credits her husband, her children, powerful all natural weight loss pills for helping her push through on those days when it was hard to stay committed. (See her supplement routine here!)

You can follow her weight loss journey all over Social media as she constantly posts workout pictures with inspirational quotes on her Twitter.


Ever since her Oscar winning role in the movie Precious – Mo’Nique has reached worldwide fame and now wants to use this fame to inspire other obese women to live a healthier lifestyle. While Mo’Nique may never have a fitness model like physique – she has come a long ways and has successfully lost 90 lbs already and is keeping it off for good!


How in the world did she lose all of this weight in such a short period of time? She has relied on a “weight loss tri-fecta” of a Clean and Balanced diet, powerful weight loss pills and intense workouts 5 times per week with her celebrity trainer.


Mo’Nique even admits that she is becoming a “bit of a gym rat” and looks forward to her clean and healthy meals. She has never looked better and says that the energy she feels from her clean diet and nutritious meals has changed her life, increased her energy levels, and even spiced things up in the bedroom.


She recently stated that her new and improved physique and dramatic weight loss has supercharged her libido and she always is “in the mood” now that she feels sexy. Mo’Nique had to make some sacrifices to lose almost 100 lbs. What exactly has she eliminated from her diet? We caught up with her trainer recently and were able to find out the 5 big foods that she eliminated from her diet, and the healthy substitutions she is eating daily to speed up her metabolism and help her lose weight efficiently.Monique Diet


Believe it or not Mo’Nique did not follow an exact meal plan but rather went with an “elimination diet” with the help of her trainer.


Mo’Nique elimination Diet


  1. White Carbohydrates


The first thing that had to be eliminated was her favorite white carbohydrates. This meant that cookies, crackers, white rice, pasta, and white bread had to go! This was the hardest adjustment in her diet but gave her the most powerful results.

Instead of quick blood sugar spikes from the white carbs, Mo’Nique switched to whole grains and slow digesting carbs. Her weight loss go-tos were Quinoa, Brown Rice Pasta, Black beans, and Lentils.

Her trainer explains that all of these foods digest very slowly and have very minimal impact on your blood sugar so your body can easily enter a “fat burning” zone.


  1. No More Ice Cream

Mo’Nique had to eliminate her nightly fix of ice cream to lose weight efficiently. Her trainer said that Ice cream consumption is equivalent to committing health and fitness suicide.

It is loaded with fat, sugar, cream, and dairy which is hard to digest.

This didn’t mean however that Mo’Nique couldn’t have some fun! She started eating Artic Zero Low calorie ice cream which is only 70 calories per pint to help make the transition easier.

Her favorite flavors were Chocolate and Cookie and Cream.

Her trainer explained that eliminating your body’s dependence on sweet treats “cold turkey” is never a good strategy and that you can accomplish a lot more with healthy swaps that still kill your sweet tooth.


  1. No More Energy Drinks


Mo’Nique was a lot like millions of other Americans. For her quick fix of energy and weight loss she thought that energy drinks were going to do the trick. Her trainer explained that energy drinks only give you a short burst of energy and are loaded with artificial ingredients which slow down your metabolism and also sugar which cause you to store body fat.

Instead of consuming liquid poison in the form of energy drinks, Mo’Nique started to consume all natural weight loss pills to increase her energy, boost her metabolism, and enter the “fat burning zone” more frequently each day.

This simple swap from energy drinks to weight loss pills helped give her the energy to workout 5 times per week and melted the fat away like a hot knife through butter!


  1. No More Potato Chips with Dip


Chips and dip is about the worst thing you can consume when you are trying to lose weight because it is low in fiber, high in fat, and high in carbohydrates. Mo’Niques trainer explains that chips and dip also provide zero nutritional value and offer little protein – which is the most thermo genic macronutrient (fat burning).

Her new go to weight loss snack was Grilled Chicken bites with hummus. This provided her with lean protein, fiber, and healthy fats. She would also snack on cucumber and celery sticks with Guacamole. Although guacamole is higher in calories than many other health dips it gives you an abundant source of vitamins and minerals that help to increase your energy levels when you are trying to lose weight.


  1. No More Starbucks Sweet Tooth


Mo’Nique has been a Starbucks lover for years and was constantly indulging in delicious Frappuccino’s. Her trainer explained that liquid calories are even worse than food calories because they immediately spike your insulin levels and cause you to store body fat. They are also loaded with sugar and fat! Instead of drinking things that slowed her down and caused her to gain weight she was forced to sip on powerful metabolism boosting drinks.


Her favorite metabolism boosting drinks on her incredible weight loss transformation were:


  1. Hot Green Tea with Chai Spice
  2. Iced Coffee with Organic Cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract
  3. Warm Lemon Water with organic cinnamon Sticks
  4. Apple cider Vinegar diluted in Water

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