Seth Rogen’s Amazing Weight Transformation- HOW!?

Seth Rogen has always been known as the chubby and lovable comedic star that Hollywood has grown to love – but when Seth learned about landing the coveted leading role for the movie “Green Hornet” he knew that his world was about to change and he had to get in shape. Seth lost a whopping 30 lbs. for his role in the movie Green Hornet. Looking slender and lean in his green suit, Seth Rogen dieted down to just 190 lbs. in about 10 weeks!

Seth Rogen Workout

How did Seth go from a chubby 220 to a lean mean green machine in less than 3 months? We are going to dive into the Seth Rogen weight loss diet and workout plan in this article.


The first major thing that Seth had to change was his diet. Seth was eating pretty frequently in his chubby days, so his trainer didn’t want to make a drastic switch.

Seth followed a very popular weight loss diet followed by Hollywood stars and athletes which allowed him to eat five times per day – but focused on eating very nutrient dense and low glycemic foods. The entire goal of the diet is to fill up on high fiber and low glycemic foods to increase your energy levels and keep you full all day long.

Plus it meant that Seth could enjoy eating a lot of food and still lose a ton of weight!


Let’s take a look at the Seth Rogen weight loss meal food List:


Here is a list of Breakfast foods Seth would incorporate into his diet. He would eat up to 3 servings of the following combination of foods.Seth Rogen Meal Plan

Breakfast Options:

Oatmeal, blueberries, grapefruit, organic eggs, hemp seeds, veggies, chia seeds, banana, brown rice, and smoked Salmon.

One of Seth’s breakfast choices was Smoked salmon with a poached Egg and veggies on the side.

Another option was blueberry topped oatmeal with hemp seeds.

Seth would simply choose 3 of the foods from the list and combine them to form a delicious breakfast.

Morning Snack Options:

Fresh and crisp veggies, nut butters, all natural deli meats, lettuce wraps, mixed nuts, protein shakes, hummus, salsa, fresh guacamole

One of Seth’s favorite things to do was dip fresh and crisp veggies such as cucumber and celery into hummus, guacamole, and salsa.


Lunch Options:


Lunch almost always consisted of a high fiber and high protein meal. Here were some of his options:

High protein salad with tons of mixed greens and organic veggies

Grilled chicken and whole egg omelet with fresh salsa

Chicken and pasta made out of spaghetti squash with fresh cracked pepper and olive oil


Afternoon snack options:


After snack options were usually a protein shake and handful of flavored almonds following Seth’s workout.

Dinner Options:


Dinner was the most important time of the day to keep the total carbohydrate count fairly low – so Seth would make sure to keep his total calories low and only consume high quality protein and veggies. Some of his top protein choices: wild caught salmon, sirloin steak, fat free turkey breast, boneless skinless chicken breast, pork loin, wild caught cod and fresh sashimi.


Some of his favorite veggie options were: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, red bell peppers, and cauliflower.


Changing his eating habits was step one of the speedy weight loss diet plan. The other part was creating the extra calorie deficit through calorie blasting workouts.


Once Seth had his diet nailed in it was time to hit the gym with his superstar trainer, which he did 5 Times per week.


Seth Rogen Workout Plan

Seth Rogen Before and After

Seth hired one of Hollywood top body transformation specialists to get in great shape for his role as the Green Hornet. The end result was losing about 30 lbs. in just 10 weeks!

His trainer had him on a hardcore compound exercise routine 5 times per week. This in combination with the low glycemic diet made him a calorie burning and weight loss machine.


Seth would occasionally take an all natural fat burner and an extra metabolism booster like liquid L-Carnitine – but 90 percent of his results were from good old fashioned working out and dieting.


Seth’s trainer made sure to keep his workout intensity high, although he was only working out for 45 minutes 5 times per week. When Seth was working out – he was doing compound exercises and always trying to improve the amount of weight that he lifted. This was key for Seth to gain muscle and also strip body fat. Here is a look at a sample Seth Rogen Workout, in which he would perform on Monday or Tuesday. The workouts typically focused on 2 major muscle groups PER workout, such as chest and back, quadriceps and hamstrings, or shoulders and Abdominals.


Seth Rogen Push and Pull Workout (Chest and Back)

Seth Rogen Workout Plan

The Seth Rogen push and pull workouts would be performed up to twice per week – as they were the most important workout of the week to build The Green Hornet physique.

Seth would perform 4 Sets of the following four compound exercises – alternating between a chest and back exercise for the entire workout. He would always perform these exercises in a “pyramid fashion” – increasing the weight by about 10 percent each set while decreasing the repetitions.


His repetition range would typically be 10, 8, 6 for each compound exercise set. Here is his push and pull workout.


Exercise One: Barbell bench Press

Exercise Two: Weighted Pull Ups

Exercise Three: Iso Incline bench press

Exercise Four: Barbell Row


Seth would also perform some hardcore leg workouts – and up to 2 workouts per week were dedicated to leg day training. Here were some of the exercises he would perform pyramid fashion training.

Barbell squat, db. lunges, db. step ups, barbell dead lift, leg press machine, leg extension machine, and hamstring Swiss ball curls.


Seth would not perform any cardio during his amazing weight loss transformation. Just clean eating following a lower glycemic diet, compound exercise training with a mindset of constant improvement, and a few all natural metabolism boosters.


This was the recipe to an incredible 30 lb. weight loss for the Hollywood funny man. A few other weight loss tidbits from this article as his trainer told us three additional x factors that caused Seth to lose weight so quickly as well:

  1. He always had someone holding him accountable and motivating him

Seth’s trainer made sure to stay on him and ensure that he didn’t slip up on his diet. If you are trying to lose weight quickly lie Seth Rogen make sure you have the same built in accountability system!

  1. Get All Natural Help

Seth took a few all natural products and supplements to lose weight. First of all he took 2-3 tbsp. of organic apple cider vinegar after his large meals to lower the insulin.

Next up he took an all natural weight loss and metabolism boosting pill which helped him burn an extra 200-300 calories per day, and finally he drank an occasional glass of antioxidant rich blueberry and lemon tea.

  1. Stay focused on your end game goal


Seth was laser focused on losing 30 lbs. in 10 weeks and that is exactly what he did. This is not rocket science, explains his trainer. If your goal each week is to lose just 3 lbs., you can achieve a 30 lb. weight loss in 10 weeks.


This mindset keeps you focused on the incremental goals and doesn’t overwhelm you with losing a total of 30 lbs. Now that is some great advice – by staying focused on incremental goals you can really speed up your long term progress. If your looking to lose up to 30 lbs. of total weight in a very short period of time hopefully you feel well equipped to do so after reading this incredible weight loss blueprint.