The Diet That Made Rebel Wilson Skinny- How Rebel Lost Over 35lbs!

Rebel Wilson has skyrocketed to fame as the loveable female actress that ladies can relate too. She burst onto the scene in 2013 with her role in the popular movie “Pain and Gain” – and has since become a Hollywood A-list star and leading lady.

Now that Rebel is 36 years old, she has put a huge importance on her health and has lost close to 35 total lbs. in 2016!

The Australian actress recently showed off her dramatic weight loss to her fans on Instagram – and we must admit that Rebel looks better than ever and has come a long way since her first red carpet appearance back in 2013.

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Rebel Wilson Shows OFf Weight Loss On Instagram


Rebel wants to be an inspiration to ladies all over the world that you should be happy with your body no matter what the shape, but also wants to encourage ladies to make healthier changes.

She says that it was just 3 daily habits that she changed to lose a dramatic 20 lbs. in a very short period of time (she estimates about 6 weeks)


Instead of putting her focus on starving herself and drastically reducing her daily calories – she wanted to put her focus into healthier lifestyle hacks.


So she went to the drawing board and asked her 5 friends, some had just recently lose weight and others were just physically fit,  how they did it and what their daily habits were that helped them stay in shape.

Ditching The “Im Fat and Funny” Routine

Since Rebel is a working actress and lives in Hollywood – she has a lot of friends who are health and fitness experts.


After chatting with her “most fit” friends and doing research herself – she came up with 3 lifestyle changes to help her lose weight as fast as humanly possible and keep it off for good.


This article is going to disclose what these 3 lifestyle changes were – and if you are seeking quick weight loss you should take notes and incorporate these into your lifestyle.


Let’s get into the good stuff!


Rebel Wilson’s 3 Weight Loss Secrets


  1. The Power of Sitting On Your Couch


A few of Rebel’s friends gave her the same tip – so she knew she had to include this into her new weight loss lifestyle!


One of her friends said that if you are setting up your weight loss lifestyle correct – you should be a calorie burning machine when you are just sitting on your couch watching TV.

Rebel Wilson's Diet Plan

This is the power of having a fast resting metabolism, and even if you aren’t genetically inclined to be a weight loss machine like some, there are certain things you can do with your supplementation and exercise to hack this.


Must Do Workouts

Rebel performed 5-10 minutes of High intensity exercise 4 times per week to supercharge her resting metabolism. If you can fire up your fast twitch muscle fibers through short bouts of intense exercise you can be a calorie burning machine for up to 24 hours following the exercise.


She pairs this metabolism boosting trick and supercharges it by taking a powerful all natural metabolism boosting supplement.


She will take 2 of these metabolism boosting pills later in the day so she can eliminate cravings and speed up her metabolism when she becomes less active later in the day.


This metabolism boosting combo allows her to burn up to three times as many calories as she normally would just by sitting on the couch! Imagine how many more lbs. of fat you would burn each month if you had a stretch of time each night where you could burn 3x as many calories just by sitting on the couch?


  1. Count Your Fiber, Not Your Calories


One of the hardest things about dieting is the constant cravings and battling hunger. Rebel fights these cravings by making sure she gets in a lot of daily fiber and also does a “trick” to keep herself full.


The only thing Ms. Wilson counts throughout the day is making sure that she gets in at least 35 grams of fiber. Rebel knows that if she gets in this much fiber throughout the day she will consume a lot less calories and won’t crave simple sugars.


If you don’t get in enough fiber throughout the day, her trainer says that you will have fluctuating blood sugar levels and likely succumb to your sweet tooth cravings at some point.


Rebel has a high fiber diet that consists of oatmeal, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Another trick that she incorporates into her regimen is every time she is craving sugar or something really bad she takes a shot of organic apple cider vinegar and eats a stalk of celery.


This will INSTANTLY make her full and eliminate her cravings.


She says that this strange trick has saved her from eating thousands of extra calories throughout the week. Next time you are craving that piece of chocolate cake try this hack!


  1. Snack on Fats


Another big switch Rebel made is that instead of snacking on really high carbohydrate laden snacks she switched to snacking on healthy fats. This is incredible for your health and keeps your insulin levels lower throughout the day.


Keeping your insulin levels low is the X factor to speedy weight loss as this is when your body is capable of burning the most body fat. She opted for healthy fats and quality protein instead of snacking on pretzels, chips, bagels, and bread.


Here are 5 of her favorite weight loss snacks! She would include 1-2 of these in her daily regimen.


-Carrot and Cucumber Chips dipped in Fresh guacamole

-Zucchini Chips dipped in garden vegetable hummus

-Raw Almond Butter on Celery and Carrots

-Large handful of flavored almonds, brazil nuts, or cashews

-Chicken Breast topped with fresh guacamole and Olive Oil

These weight loss hacks are nothing more than daily lifestyle changes – and the compound effect of doing these consistently is incredible – as you can see in Rebel’s dramatic weight loss pictures.


Here is a quick cheat-list summary of how you can incorporate this and speed up your weight loss.


Rebel Wilson Workout and Diet Cheat-List


  1. 5-10 minutes of High intensity exercise 4 times per week
  2. 2 All natural metabolism boosting pills consumed after 3 pm Daily
  3. Count Your Fiber, Not your Calories. Get in at least 35 grams per day
  4. Choose your Daily snacks high in healthy fats and protein, NOT carbohydrates
  5. Start Losing Weight Today!