Meryl Streep’s Brilliant Advice About Women and Weight

She can rightly be called the finest actress of her generation. Yet at 60, Meryl Streep feels the pressure to stay young and beautiful for the camera. Now in her 60’s, Meryl Streep has become one of the world’s greatest living actresses and – of course – it’s this that tends to define her.  Surpassing Katherine Hepburn’s record of 12 Oscar nominations – her movie credits are really just too many to list.

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In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror, she has launched a fierce broadside against the film-makers who demand size zero actresses with perfect skin – whatever their age.

Meryl Streep Then and Now


Streep, whose starring role in the newly-released Mamma Mia! The Movie meant she spent last summer singing and dancing around a Greek isle to Abba hits. And though she doesn’t work out, she thoroughly recommends the Abba exercise plan!

Meryl Streep Casual Look


“I was in great shape for Mamma Mia! because I was dancing so much,” she laughs. “It is a very simple truth that if you are moving all day long and are very, very active you can have a good meal at night!” Not a great fan of high impact, intense cardio workouts, Meryl Streep’s low impact exercise of choice is swimming.  Last summer she admitted to swimming a mile every day. That felt like a confession because obsessiveness about anything – even something as close to most women’s hearts as looking younger – just isn’t her style.

Meryl Streep Weight Loss


It’s obvious that Meryl Streep – unlike Miranda Priestly – lives by the mantra, ‘everything in moderation’. Like Susan Sarandon, Isabella Rossellini and other celebrities who manage to look younger without really trying – moderation and acceptance go with positive outlook on life. Meryl Streep shows us all how to look younger through living well, making  informed choices about anti aging skin care and accepting healthy aging as a fact of life.