Krysten Ritter Reveals Secret To Her Slim Figure

From just one glance at her slender figure, it’s clear that Krysten Ritter is dedicated to her health. And she revealed her secret to keeping in such great shape as she headed out often on a gruelling hike – clutching a healthy green juice from the Pressed Juicery in her hand.

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 The Breaking Bad star

The Breaking Bad star teemed the top with knee-length

The Breaking Bad star, who is also a fan of yoga and snowboarding, was seen out at Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood, along with friends and her little dog.  She knows one of the secrets to joy is exercise, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night and there’s nothing like some good exercise to have a person feeling healthy and looking amazing! The lovely lady was snapped while leaving her yoga class in West Hollywood last night and we have to say, there’s nothing like a little late night yoga to help strengthen the body, mind and spirit!

Krysten Ritter - Wearing Bikini

Beach Look

She may have given the aforementioned foods, but Krysten has never tried any fad diets and will never do. She said the only reason why she decided to cut the said food items from her diet was because she was getting sick more frequently. Now she enjoys eating gluten-free pasta specifically the fresh ones. Another thing about her dietary habits is that she’s fond of juicing, especially the green ones. The actress also said she’s not into sweets, so she usually has kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, and celery for juices.

 Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter

The actress herself she had to undergo hardcore boxing and weight training to prepare for the said role. Basically, she is already fond of spinning and Pilates but as Jessica Jones, she had to wear weight lifting gloves and pack on muscle, which, despite being hard at first, she managed she got into her regular workout routine. Her rigorous training seemed to have been worthwhile as she not only looks the part but also acts like the kick-ass character that she is. Not only did she get fit and lean for the role, she also looked at her best playing the best character there is on television today.
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