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Kevin Federline Britney Spears’ ex husband Kevin Federline is a great example for the celebrities diet before and after stories. After his marriage to Britney failed, K-Fed pilled on the pounds. However, after a few dieting and weight tips, he got back on track by joining celebrity fit club. Ricky Gervais Comedian Ricky Gervais has also been sporting a new slimline figure of late, which was probably prompted by his move to break America. You too can be part of your own before and after story. Read a few magazine to get celebrity proven weight loss tips, as many more celebrities are starting to avoid surgery and diet to get that illusive body. Review your own personal diet and exercise programmes, and employ a few of those star tips to get your own celebrity body.

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Kevin Federline Weight Loss

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His weight has been known to yo-yo over the years, despite his background as a professional dancer. ut on Thursday, Kevin Federline stepped out looking slimline as he held his daughter Jordan in Calabasas.

The star had appeared on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp in 2010 in an effort to shed the 85 pounds he gained following his split from Britney.

Kevin Federline Weight loss story

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Kevin Federline Weight Loss Look


Although he lost 30 pounds on the show in 2010, Federline later gained it back. A Channel 9 show spokesperson told E! News at the time that ‘during the shoot, under advice from the show’s medic, Kevin was taken to hospital as he was showing signs of heat stress.’ Kevin Federline says he packed on the pounds while he struggled to get over his 2006 split from Britney Spears.

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“Everybody knows what happened with me and Brit,” Federline, 31, tells Access Hollywood. “I’m not going to say that’s the total cause of it but, I mean, just not being happy with myself was probably the main part of my depression.”The former dancer blames the blues for his reluctance to hit the gym.

“Once you get depressed, you don’t really feel like doing anything,” he says. “You’re kind of discouraged about yourself and then the weight gain too, or that makes me more depressed… I mean, it’s a combination of all of those things.”