Kate Upton’s Trainer Reveals Her Model Workout!

Kate Upton is a “total badass in the gym,” according to her personal trainer Ben Bruno.  “Kate trains very hard,” Bruno tells PEOPLE. “Her workouts are not for the faint of heart! She really works at it, and she’s super motivated.” The model, 23, has been looking more slim and toned than ever, but her new physique didn’t come without hard work – Upton works out five to six days a week for at least an hour each time. A typical workout begins with a warm-up: foam rolling and stretching, lateral band walks (walking from side to side with a resistance band around the knees) and lunges.

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Kate Upton's Model Workout

Model Workout

Then Bruno puts her through a circuit-based strength-training workout, in which Upton does a series of three or four strength-building moves without rest in between. After each series, she has a brief resting period, and then repeats the cycle.The circuits can include moves such as weighted hip-thrusts (Upton uses 200 lbs. for hers!), TRX rows, single-leg Romanian deadlifts and a body saw for core stability. Because she cycles through the moves without rest, the circuit training provides a cardio component as well.

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“It’s strength-focused, but it hits two birds with one stone,” says Bruno. The workout ends with conditioning exercises, such as weighted sled pushes and pulls, and rowing. Even when Upton is traveling for work, she makes sure to stay consistent with her workouts. “We have travel workouts that she can do with minimal equipment at a hotel gym, and body-weight workouts,” says Bruno. “When she travels, she’ll bring her Valslides and mini bands with her, and I have workouts to go with it.” Another key component to her fit figure is her diet.

Kate Upton Amazing Body

Beach Look

“She’s very disciplined with her diet,” says Bruno. “She doesn’t crash diet, doesn’t do fasting or cleanses. It’s just very sensible, healthy eating. She really limits sugar, gets protein with every meal, and has cut down on alcohol. It’s healthy; it’s not a starvation diet. And she sticks to it.”

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