Aretha Franklin’s Diabetic Workout Routine

Aretha Franklin Workout

Aretha Franklin was no stranger to the gym during her incredible weight loss transformation. Despite being 71 years old Aretha Franklin made sure that she went to the gym at least 4 times per week and has found a new found love for working out.

Aretha said that working out has changed her life and the rush of endorphins she gets from her morning workouts fuel her body and mind all day. She admits she has more of a “zest for life” and is happier than ever before.


We were fortunate to catch up with her trainer and get a few weight loss tricks that he incorporated with Aretha.


Weight Loss Trick #1: Timing is everything


Aretha’s trainer said that timing is truly everything when it comes to getting in a great workout. If you want to lose weight you should workout in the morning. Aretha would consume an energy boosting breakfast, take her weight loss diet pills and head to the gym.


By just 10 AM Aretha had already filled her body with a ton of health boosting nutrition and got in an hour long workout. This is more than most people do all day!


Weight Loss Trick #2: Intensity


Even though Aretha Franklin was 71 years old she hit the gym with intensity and passion! Aretha made sure that she worked out hard as her trainer preached to her it is the biggest x factor to you boosting your metabolism post workout.


The more intense your workout the harder you train your muscles and the more they will need to recover. These muscle tissues in recovery require energy expenditure(calories). This is where the entire “after burn” phenomenon occurs.


You get a lot more of a post workout metabolism boost from weight training and high intensity interval training according to Aretha’s trainer.


So what did the Aretha Franklin workout regimen look like? Let’s take a look. Although we couldn’t get the exact workout regimen she followed her trainer painted a pretty good picture on what her weekly workout schedule looked like.


Aretha Franklin Workout Plan:


Monday: Kettle Bell Training and Cardio

Duration of workout: 60 minutes

Description: This workout consisted of 6 different lower body and upper body kettle bell exercises followed by 25 minutes of cardio on the bike or treadmill.


Wednesday: Lower body resistance training

Duration of Workout: 45 Minutes

Description: This workout was all about blasting the lower body with effective resistance training exercises. Aretha would perform multiple sets of effective lower body training exercises that helped her burn fat like the squat, db lunges, leg extension and db deadlift.


Friday: Bodyweight training

Duration of Workout: 45 Minutes

Description: This workout was all about body weight training to burn calories and tone Aretha’s entire body. She would head to the local park with her trainer and enjoy the great outdoors while burning fat and toning her body.

Aretha would do a little bit of everything with this routine including: pushups, mountain climbers, step ups, squat jumps, burpees, jumping jacks, skipping rope, stomach crunches, and even sprint intervals!

Aretha’s trainer lived by the motto “always keep your body guessing” and made sure Aretha did a different routine every single workout so she would not get bored and maintained consistent results.