Melissa McCarthy Shares Her Workout Plan (50lbs gone!)

Melissa Mccarthy has made an incredible weight loss transformation this year. The actress who has always been known as being the jolly and hilarious comedy star may have to craft a new image because she is half the woman she used to be – literally!

We recently talked to Melissa’s trainer and got the secret workout regimen and supplement stack she used to transform her physique in 2015.

Melissa admits that she still has another 50 lbs. she wants to lose – she has still lost over 50 lbs. thus far in 2015 and has no signs of slowing down.Melissa’s trainer says that she did not follow an ordinary workout plan – and her workout regimen was “a lot more fun” than most people would imagine. [See Melissa’s Complete Diet Plan Here]

Melissa was able to incorporate both kick boxing and martial arts into her weight loss regimen since she was training for the movie Spy for much of 2015.

Melissa McCarthy Workout


Melissa said she is not a treadmill kind of girl, and told her trainer that she did not want to feel like a fat hamster on a wheel to lose weight. She said even if it took her longer she wanted to do activities that she actually enjoyed.

By incorporating activities that Melissa enjoyed and taking powerful all natural metabolism boosters to speed up her results and increase energy levels – Melissa was able to lose 50 lbs. of body fat so far in 2015.

Although her trainer was unavailable for an interview – we got a sneak peak at her workout regimen for the year.


Melissa Mccarthy Workout Program


Monday: Martial arts and Rowing


Monday’s consisted of 30 minutes of hardcore martial arts practice to prepare for her upcoming role in the movie Spy. Martial arts is considered an intense form of full body cardio – and you can burn up to 500 total calories in 30 minutes according to her trainer.

Following the martial arts session, she would go on the row machine for 10 minutes for a full body blast. The row machine is great because it allows you to burn more calories than the treadmill, or bike machine.


Tuesday: Full Body Resistance (body weight)Melissa McCarthy before and after


Tuesday’s consisted of a full body routine body weight only. This allowed Melissa to shock her body’s largest muscles and boost her metabolism all day long. Many people think boring cardio is the answer to fast weight loss – but you actually burn more calories through resistance style training. [Read about the natural fat burning supplements Melissa used to fight hunger cravings here!]


Melissa would perform 3 total sets of the following exercises:

Body weight pushups (knees on ground), Reverse Crunches, Wall Sits, Hamstring Ball Curls, Jumping jacks, lower back extensions, and body weight squats.


Wednesday: Martial Arts and Burpees


Wednesday consisted of 30 minutes of hardcore martial arts practice to prepare for her upcoming role in the movie Spy.

After her martial arts session on Wednesday Melissa would do 10 minutes of Burpees.

Burpees are a fantastic body weight exercise that allows you to burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. This 10 minute burpees session allowed her to burn an extra 200 calories per workout.


Thursday: Full Body Workout (Resistance Overload)


Thursdays were the biggest fat loss workouts of the week and would involve a special mix of resistance training exercises.

This workout regimen was designed to place overload on Melissa’s largest and strongest muscle groups so she would increase her metabolism and burn body fat around the clock.

Melissa’s trainer said the goal was 3 sets working her body’s largest muscle groups per full body workout (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, back, and shoulders).

Melissa performed many exercises you would not commonly think of for weight loss.


Here is a sample day of full body resistance training:


Exercise one: Db Squats

Sets: 4

Rest Time: 90 Seconds

Reps: 12

Exercise Two: Db Walking lunges

Sets: 3

Rest Time: 90 Seconds

Reps: 10 each leg

Exercise Three: Machine chest press

Sets: 3

Rest time: 60 seconds

Reps: 10

Exercise Four: barbell deadlift

Sets: 3

Rest time: 60 seconds

Reps: 6

Friday: Martial Arts and Rope Skipping


Friday’s were the longest martial arts workout of the week since Melissa would take the weekend off and enjoy time with her family.

Melissa would enjoy a 45-minute session of martial arts with her trainer – and would follow that session with a 10-minute rope skipping session to further enhance her agility and balance for her Spy movie fight scenes.

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