Celebrity Weight Loss Success: How Perez Hilton Lost 70 Pounds

Since back in January of 2008, Perez made a decision to be healthier, and since then, he’s been holding himself accountable by taking a shirtless picture of himself every 4th of July and sharing it with his readers. Since 2008, Perez has lost a whopping 80 pounds! Looking at himself in the mirror now he thinks, “I would do me”. LOL. The results were achieved slow and steady over the past three years, starting by changing his eating habits. He continues to eat healthy, he doesn’t drink too much, and now says he works out 7 days a week through various different activities.

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Perez Hilton before and after weight loss


Perez Hilton's 80-pound weight loss

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He’s clearly so much more confident in his body. Props to Perez on his commitment and hard work. Losing weight and making the lifestyle changes he’s made isn’t easy either. Glad he’s sharing his story to inspire others. After losing 80 whooping pounds, he is super healthy. They say, “Health is wealth.” Perez Hilton was the centre-of-attraction for news as he walked on the red carpet at LOGO’s 2012 New Now Next Awards. He heated up the temperature by tearing apart his blazer to flaunt his steaming hot body that reflected hard work on his toned abs. “That outfit was more than just about fashion for me. It was also a statement. I was saying, ‘I’m owning my body. I’ve worked very hard to transform it. And I’m feeling GREAT!”As told to Huffington Post. He is an irresistible hunk and heartthrob. Seeing him shirtless is a treat for eyes. His toned body makes women him up. Perez Hilton weight loss is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He was hiding his sexy personality behind that extra flabby bulk.

Hilton Weight Loss


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Perez Hilton launched a website that revolves around fitness; its core focus is health. It brings you closer to phenomenal recipes, precious celebrity workout tips and tricks, and photographs of celebrities flaunting their fit and flat bodies, apart from other striking features covered in the videos.

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Rumors in the air assert that Perez Hilton weight loss is surgical results of knifes and plastics. Many news portals have reported that his weight loss surgery is the reason behind his slim-toned body. When two eminent plastic surgeons were asked about their opinions about Perez Hilton’s weight loss, they both said that he at least got a little nip and tuck.