Blac Chyna Shows Off Recent Weight Loss To Fans

Blac Chyna is a 28-year-old video vixen and newest member of the Kardashian family! Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been romantically linked since early 2016.

Blac Chyna Weight Loss

In fact, the two were recently engaged and she is now the proud baby mama of Rob Kardashian’s first born Dream!

The 2nd biggest headline after the newest addition to the family is the fact that Blac Chyna has lost 23 total lbs. in just 2 weeks since giving birth!

Yes – that is NOT a typo. Twenty-Three lbs. of pure fat have melted away from her frame – and if you have seen pictures of her recently she has never looked better.

blac chyna before weight loss

We all know that Rob Kardashian has struggled with weight loss over the years, and hired the help of some of the top celebrity trainers in the world.

Rob got his old weight loss buddies to help his fiancé Blac Chyna after giving birth – and in just a few weeks she has scorched away nearly all of her pregnancy weight and looks AMAZING!

How did Blac Chyna lose so much pregnancy weight (especially belly fat!) in such a short period of time?

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Cutting Out Junk Food
  • Weight Loss Pills
  • Proper Sleep
  • Tracking Progress Religiously

This article is going to dive into the dirty details on the Blac Chyna supplement, diet, and workout regimen to become a lean and mean fat burning machine around the clock.

Let’s first dive into the Blac Chyna weight loss supplement routine – as that became a very important part of the overall weight loss regimen, especially in getting the ball rolling!

Blac Chyna Weight Loss Pills

Blac Chyna is a former video vixen – and has had to keep a great looking figure her entire life and career. It’s no surprise that she has the best resources for what weight loss pills actually are effective, and which are pure garbage.

While a proper workout routine and diet is essential for long lasting results, Blac Chyna admits that these pills surely help speed up the process and melt around 1 lb. of belly flab alone per week for the first month.

blac chyna diet pills

The first supplement she takes are 100 percent all natural metabolism boosting pills, called Garcinia Cambogia – which are very powerful for increasing your metabolism even when you aren’t exercising or eating really clean.

This is really important because we are human – and we all don’t eat perfect all the time. These pills are sort of like weight loss insurance – so on those days when you binge on something unhealthy you can still make weight loss progress due to the increased metabolism you will have.

Here are some of the other benefits of the Metabolism boosting pills.

Metabolism Boosting Pill Benefits:

  • Increases your energy, especially before your workout!
  • Helps you burn an extra 300 calories every single day
  • Allows you to burn extra calories even when you aren’t active
  • 100% all natural and healthy
  • Zero side effects
  • No crash, and no weight put on after you stop taking them
  • Creates powerful weight loss insurance

Blac Chyna also takes omega 3 pills – which help to increase her weight loss hormones and keep her healthy.

Her trainer says that most people are really deficient in omega 3 – so by taking these pills she ensures that she keeps those levels high and keeps her weight loss hormones on point.

While most people just focus on things that spike your metabolism, you also need to think about health hacks which speed up other weight loss hormones and keep you healthy.

post baby weight blac chyna

If you don’t want to supplement with omega 3 pills – you can also have a diet higher in omega 3 rich foods such as wild caught salmon, wild caught cod, chia seeds, and hemp seeds.

Blac Chyna Diet plan for losing weight fast

Blac Chyna posted on Snapchat that her total weight loss goal post pregnancy is 39 lbs.! She is already down 23 total lbs. – and seems to be on a straight line to getting to that end goal of 39 lbs. total lost.

Blac Chyna Weight Loss Pills

If she loses 39 lbs. total – she will be the exact same weight she was at the age of 23, when Blac Chyna says she was in the best shape of her life.

To reach such lofty weight loss goals means that your diet must be on point – and Chyna hired the help of Rob’s old trainer to create a powerful metabolism-boosting diet plan that would be healthy for her as well.

Even if you didn’t just recently give birth – this diet plan is incredibly healthy and will help you shed belly fat at the speed of sound!

Blac Chyna’s Super Human Fat Loss Diet

On top of this diet plan, remember that every single day Blac Chyna incorporates powerful metabolism boosting pills and omega 3 pills into her arsenal.


1 Cup steel cut oats topped with tangerines, strawberry and almond butter
2 all natural metabolism boosting pills

Small Vegan Protein shake with hemp seeds (if she is still hungry)

Late morning snack:

Toasted Almond Butter sandwich on Ezekiel Bread

This is her favorite snack in the world! She will combine almond butter with toasted coconuts and put it on 2 slices of Ezekiel bread.

Sometimes she will put some fresh almond butter on an organic apple to change it up.


Lunch is usually a “super salad” – and she will make sure she eats a ton of greens to keep her full!

1 Cup romaine lettuce, 1 cup spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges, lime juice, sliced almonds, onions, sprouts, pita croutons and a lime balsamic vinaigrette.

2 all natural metabolism boosting pills

weight loss pills

Afternoon Pick Me up:

4 ounces grilled chicken tenders with low sugar honey mustard sauce

Fat burning miracle drink: Matcha green tea, lemon juice, cinnamon, MCT Oil

On top of Blac Chyna’s metabolism boosting pills, she drinks a fat burning miracle drink once per day.

This drink actually combines 4 of the most powerful weight loss ingredients in the world (matcha green tea, lemon juice, MCT Oil, and cinnamon!)

Blac Chyna said that this drink is absolutely delicious and keeps her really full. It’s also an antioxidant machine – and contains the world’s strongest phase 2 antioxidant – Matcha Green tea!

Phase 2 antioxidants keep your immune system really strong so when you introduce exercise into your regimen you can become a fat burning machine without getting sick!

Dinner is a nice array of delicious protein, healthy fats, and a little flavor! Blac Chyna usually opts for grilled cod, salmon, or tuna!

6 ounces grilled Cod with a Chili Lime Glaze Sauce
1 Cup brown Rice topped with chia seeds and Hemp Seeds
Side Salad with shrimp and fresh veggies