Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk Shares Her Golden Beauty Secrets

It doesn’t matter if Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk is on the runway or on the sidewalk—she knows how to serve good face. And she recently shared some of her beauty tricks with US Magazine.

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Her first tried-and-true tip is key to maintaining clear skin. “My most important one is always washing makeup off,” Hosk said. “It’s really damaging for the skin to have makeup on all the time.” So, the 27-year-old keeps her face clean and treats it with masks, moisturizers, and exfoliators. Her tips didn’t stop there, Hosk also talked about the importance of exercise. The 5’10” stunner loves to hit the gym, but taking a class is about more than just staying in shape. “I need it to help my mood and improve my overall happiness,” she said. Boxing was one of her go-to ways to work up a sweat, but now she’s diversifying her workouts with Pilates and barre classes. “It’s much more gentle on your body,” Hosk explained. Now, if only we could figure out how the Victoria’s Secret models keep their balance in those high heels.

Elsa Hosk Hot Body

VS Photoshoot

“I don’t avoid carbs,” she told us. “I have a crazy indulgence that I do a little bit too often. I get a grilled cheese sandwich at Chelsea Market at a place called Lucy’s Whey almost every day. It’s so good! But if I have an important shoot, I’ll cut down on my grilled cheese sandwiches.”

Elsa Hosk Diet Secrets

Elsa Hosk for Victoria’s Secret Lookbook

So can the VS models eat anything and not gain weight? Nope. For Tookes and Hosk it´s all about balance. “I have this rule: If I’m not working I work out every day because it’s very difficult for me to work out when I travel,” Hosk explained. “It’s not a regular schedule, but it also works because if I have the day off, I’ll make sure I get two workouts in.”

Elsa Hosk Workout

At the Gym

Hosk loves barre, Pilates and stretching. She even does boxing. “It’s a pretty hard-core regimen, but I love to eat. So I think it’s a good balance,” she joked. Tookes’ exercise regime is a bit different, but no less intense. “I work out three days a week and do a lot of weight training and squats to get my butt nice and tight,” she told us. “I also do barre classes. I love working out!”