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Slim figure is the dream of everyone and nowadays it became the necessity, especially for celebrities. They are in the centre of attention all    the time and the changes of their figure, style, image, immediately become noticeable for unwavering gaze of the society. It is about not only women but men too. And Michael Moore is not an exception. He is a famous American documentary filmmaker, journalist and an actor. He was born in 1954 in Flint, Michigan. Certainly his occupation made a great contribution to the development of American filmography. Michael Moore films, such as Fahrenheit 9/11 or Sicko are fantastic and gained awards!

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Michael Moore Weight Loss

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But the problems with overweight touched him too and the story of his weightloss impressed practically everyone. Particularly those for whom extra kilos are considered to be a day to day fight.

The secret of Michael Moore’s weightloss

Finally Michael made a conclusion that such a lifestyle will certainly bring him serious health problems in future. He dropped 70 pounds without making special efforts, without diet pills, and any surgical operations. The secret of his weightloss is very simple, he just refused from several products, such as sugar, salt and white bread. Eliminating this products made such a shocking effect. He didn’t sweat in gyms or made any exhausting physical trainings. Michael just started to walk more and tried to spend more time outdoors and walked for 30 or 50 minutes per day. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that it is not common for him. But these works made a great job for his figure. He abondoned from the consumption of fiber and heavy food to 35 grammes every day. All the food he consumed was low-cal.

Michael Moore And His Normal Weight


One more very important fact that plays a great role for those who desire to lose wait is a good sleep. This rule was explained to Michael in this clinic too. It is very important to have a qualitative sleep at least for 7 hours per day. His next step is considered to be Yoga and massage.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

As a conclusion it is necessary to mention that the main secrets of slim figure are obvious and very simple. Even for those who don’t have enough money for paying gyms and expensive personal nutrition specialists, it is necessary to obtain just three rules, such as active walking, healthy food and good sleep!