America Ferrera Looks Amazing After Losing 30 lbs

America Ferrera has had one incredible weight loss transformation the last few years shedding almost 30 total lbs. and sculpting an incredibly sexy bikini body.

The Ugly Betty star is now almost recognizable when you stack her old pictures up to her new transformation. America made it her mission over the last 18 months to get in the best shape of her life and lose all of the weight she had put on during what she calls “her lazy years.”

America Ferrera Diet

America admits that stardom and being in a TV show caused her some emotional distress, and she turned to unhealthy eating habits and not exercising.

For a few years America could get away with it, but as she started to get older and her metabolism slowed down she found herself close to 30 lbs. overweight – and started to hate her body.

One of her co-stars on Ugly Betty was obsessed with health and fitness and this motivated America to make a positive change. Now America is obsessed with the clean eating lifestyle and even posted a picture on her Instagram the other day about potentially running a triathlon!


This is not the same girl who use to indulge in some of the best Cheesecake Factory food you have ever seen! [See Melissa McCarthy’s Diet Here!]


We recently caught up with her trainer and she shared the top America Ferrera transformation secrets so you can lose weight like the Ugly Betty star!


Here are the America Ferrera Transformation Secrets she has followed to lose a total of 30 lbs.!


  1. Don’t Skip Breakfast


America says that she never skips breakfast, and makes sure she as a wholesome balance of lean protein, fresh fruits, and veggies with every single one of her meals, especially breakfast.


Ms. Ferrera said the key was “ignoring all of the hype” surrounding that fruit is bad, and carbs are the devil when it comes to trying to get skinny.


America tried going on a low carbohydrate diet and felt miserable and had non-stop headaches. The takeaway is that you need to listen to your body and realize that losing weight comes from a calorie deficit – not from one particular food.


Her favorite breakfast included a veggie packed omelet and a side of fresh honeydew melon and watermelon. Breakfast is an important meal for your optimal health and energy – so make sure not to skip it!


  1. Eat your protein first, then drink water


Her trainer always had her consume the protein on her plate 1st. By making one small change – and consuming your protein before your carbohydrates you can lose a bunch of weight and keep yourself full on very little calories.


If America was eating a big plate of chicken, rice, and veggies – her trainer instructed her to eat the chicken first, then drink a big glass of water. The miracle behind this is you will get really full following your high protein with a glass of water. This helps to keep the total calories down for the entire day as you will eat less.


  1. Stick with Metabolism boosters in the Morning and Early Afternoon


Ms. Ferrera wanted to stick with an all natural solution that was sustainable for her weight loss – and opted for natural metabolism boosters in the morning and early afternoon like green tea, raspberry ketones, and all natural metabolism boosting pills.


America warns young women not to fall prey to the supplement industry and buy any of the “quick-fix” solutions. America’s trasformation happened over the the course of many months – and that is why she looks so great!


Don’t rush the process and let your body respond naturally to a clean and healthy diet. Rushing the process only leads you to gaining that weight back and messing up your metabolism.


  1. Stay Positive and Think Long Term


This was the coolest tip we got from her trainer and something I know you are going to love! America’s trainer said that she instilled in America’s brain before she made any decision with what to eat to think about how it would effect her next week, and to get enjoyment knowing she is resisting temptation and always thinking several moves ahead.


This simple mindset trick will keep you focused on your goals – and you will resist the temptation of the unhealthy food you are constantly surrounded by.



America Ferrera’s Workout Plan


America dedicated herself to three workouts per week with her trainer and focuses on a combination of cardio and resistance training.

To make the resistance training workouts fun her trainer puts her through an array of exercises including kettle bells, dumb bells, resistance machines, body weight and even battle ropes!

Her trainer kept things simple but made sure to push her really hard during the workouts and minimize her rest time between sets.


Her trainer said that resting only 30-45 seconds between sets is the key for burning a lot of fat with your workouts – as this keeps you in the healthy fat burning zone.


Monday: Kettle Bell Training and CardioAmerica_Ferrera_Workout


Duration of workout: 45 minutes


Description: This workout consisted of 6 different lower body and upper body kettle bell exercises followed by 25 minutes of cardio on the bike or treadmill.


Some of her go to Kettle bell exercises included kettle bell swings, kettle bell press ups, kettle bell snatch’s and kettle bell lunges.


Wednesday: Lower body resistance training


Duration of Workout: 45 Minutes


Description: This workout was all about blasting the lower body with effective resistance training exercises.


America would perform multiple sets of effective lower body training exercises that helped her burn fat like the barbell front squat, db. Step ups, slow motion leg press, hamstring Swiss ball curl, and sumo deadlift.


With the help of her trainer America says she is now the most toned she has ever been in her life thanks to these lower body workouts.


Friday: Body Weight Training


Duration of Workout: 35 Minutes


Description: These workouts were meant to tone Ms. Ferrera’s entire body and sculpt that stomach region.


She typically did 6 or 7 different body weight exercises and her trainer focused on short rest times so she could stay in the “fat burning zone” throughout her workout.


She would then end her workout with some abdominal work on the floor. When it was nice outside America loved to do this routine at the park, or on set of Ugly Betty.


Here are some of the exercises she performed: wall sits, body weight walking lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, leap ups, bicycle crunch abdominals, floor sit ups, vertical toe touches, and abdominal pillar holds