Weight Loss Success Story: How Holly Madison Lost 19 Pounds

This former Playboy beauty and Girls Next Door reality TV star spent months avoiding the gym—and the scale. Here’s how she bounced back and regained her bombshell shape.

Holly Madison Flaunts 30 Pound Weight Loss


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Holly’s Challenge
After landing the leading role in Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in 2009,Holly Madison felt confident that a five-nights-a-week burlesque performance would help her stay trim and toned. “I thought I could eat what I wanted and just burn it off during the show,” she says. But thanks to constant sugar cravings and a book deal that required her to taste-test the city’s most sinful restaurant meals, Holly packed on 19 pounds in 18 months.

Holly Madison Weight Loss


Celebrity Before And After

Street Look

The American TV Personality also shared that her pregnancy cravings are different this time around. When she was pregnant last time, she craved for healthy food options such as blueberries and green smoothies. Now she can’t down green juice as it makes her feeling nauseated. She is eating loads of carbs and junk foods like pizza these days.

Holly Madison Full Weight Loss Story

Full Weight Loss Story

Holly Madison Reveals Her Diet Secrets


After giving birth to Rainbow, the new mum was eager to snap back into shape. She took care of her body during pregnancy, ate healthier foods and worked out regularly. She even got a lot of compliments that she didn’t even look pregnant but that was for her belly. Holly even felt that she hadn’t gained a pound. But after the pregnancy was over, she had a huge tummy and wasn’t feeling fit at all. She had to wait for long before she was able to use a weight clincher.

Holly Madison: I was told to lose weight


Unlike many celebrities, Madison took 11 months to lose 30 pounds of baby weight. She had a multi-page “Body After Baby” spread in a national magazine six weeks after giving birth. She did that because she was confident about wearing a bikini even if she still had some pounds, she could have done without.

With her career in full swing and her body back to its Playboy proportions, Holly says she feels comfortable in her skin once again. “These days, I’m slim and fit, and I still have the fabulous curves I’ve always loved!”