Rebel Wilson on Hollywood’s Pressure to Be Thin

Rebel Wilson, the Australian comedian and actress best known for her role in the Pitch Perfect franchise, has been gaining fame but losing weight. According to the Daily Telegraph, Rebel Wilson has committed to taking her weight loss and healthy lifestyle seriously.

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Rebel Wilson Shed 8 Pounds

Rebel’s insta photo

Rebel Wilson climbed the Great Wall of China as a symbol of her commitment to her new healthy lifestyle. She took to social media to post a video of the big moment, noting that it was a fantastic climb. The video showed her on top of the Great Wall, and in the video, she noted that the wall is “really friggin’ steep [sic]” and then pretending to fall.The feat accomplished by Rebel was one of many as the actress has been focusing on getting herself in shape. Just last month, she celebrated losing eight pounds after just four days of grueling nature treks when she joined the health program she is in right now, The Ranch 4.0, which sees participants stay at a wonderful resort and do at least four hours of rigorous exercise each day and dine on organic vegetarian cuisine.


Rebel Wilson before and After

Rebel adventures are most likely due to her having attended a charity gala at Hong Kong just last week. According to Daily Mail, Rebel Wilson was in Hong Kong for a film industry charity gala.

How Rebel Wilson lost four dress sizes?

Rebel at the show

The charity gala took a lot out of her, it seemed, as she revealed online that she went looking for the hotel mini bar after the event. She shared a post on her Instagram account from her hotel room saying that she wanted to relax with a bath. In the photo, Rebel is seen wearing the beautiful red dress that she had worn on the red carpet. She put on this sultry display as she gazed into the camera, with her hair out and over her shoulders.

The charity that Rebel attended was FilmAid, which helps refugees and other communities in need. At the gala, she wore an off-the-shoulder long black dress which showed off her bust and she carried a black and gold clutch. Rebel also found herself in the company of Harry Potter star Jamie Campbell-Bower, who played young Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She seemed excited to share photos of herself enjoying the event on her Instagram account, including several selfies of herself and other guests.