Valerie Bertinelli’s Weight Loss Diet

Eight years after Valerie Bertinelli wowed her fans by debuting her 40-pound weight loss, the 55-year-old actress’ figure is again sparking headlines — but this time, it’s for her recent weight gain.But Valerie — who now has her own Food Network show called Valerie’s Home Cooking — has decided to stop obsessing over the numbers on her scale, and is instead paying more attention to how she feels on the inside.

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Valerie Bertinelli: 47-pound weight loss

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Valerie Bertinelli before and after

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If you are interested in weight loss, you might remember the Jenny Craig campaign that featured actress Valerie Bertinelli. Her image was everywhere: On television, in magazines, on the front windows of Jenny Craig stores, and plastered all over Internet ads.

Valerie Bertinelli After Weight Gain

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She looked great after she dropped 40 pounds.She now has a good attitude about her weight gain although she said she initially felt ashamed of gaining weight. (Which was made more difficult because the paparazzi constantly followed her around.) Now she says that she is working out again, eating right, and plans on getting back to a healthy weight without starving herself.Bertinelli lost the first 40 pounds in her first year of dieting and changing up her routine. She then went on to lose a bit more weight and weighed in at the low 120s. Now it’s all about keeping her weight down, which is tricky.

Weight loss story

Weight loss story

“Maintenance is the boring word, but it’s the one where most of us really get caught up, and it’s the challenging one because it’s not so sexy anymore. There’s like no set goal, there’s nothing on the scale to say ‘Woo hoo, I did it!’” she said about keeping at her goal weight. So, she’s started to use fitness goals to help keep her on track. Bertinelli ran the Boston Marathon in 2010 in just over 5 hours! And, she’s still thin and feeling great currently.