Tyra Banks Opens Up About Body and Weight Battles

Model, actress, and businesswoman, Tyra Banks is yet another famous celeb, always in natters due to her curvy body. Having started her career from modeling, Tyra underwent wide oscillation in her weight, past she left modeling and entered into TV shows. The fab star recently shed thirty pounds in six months without succumbing to crash diets or starvation diet plans.

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Tyra did not have an eating disorder, and shares it was impossible for her to gain weight, so she was brought to a doctor to figure out what was happening to her body. And in a new interview, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit models reveals how her weight has played a major part in her life.

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Tyra Banks

“The summer I turned 11-years-old, I lost 30 pounds and I had a growth spurt,” the 40-year-old says. “And it wasn’t even supermodel thin. It was more than that. Some people thought I had an eating disorder.”

Tyra Banks. How To Lose Weight With Jillian Michaels

Tyra Banks. How To Lose Weight With Jillian Michaels

“I was poked with a lot of needles to see what was wrong with me. I was even misdiagnosed with gigantism,” she says. The stunner eventually gained weight and her womanly curves.

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Tyra Banks at the beach

Tyra Banks weight loss secrets


“Who would have thought that the girl who was forced to go to the hospital because she’s so skinny would one day be called too fat?” she shares. “I know the pain of somebody who’s too thin and the pain of somebody that people say is too big.”Sculpted body of Tyra Banks indisputably can make any woman envy her. Tyra recommends her fans to abide by healthy and balanced foods. That being said, you don’t have to count the number of calories. All you need to do is make judicious choice of foods. There is one silver lining here; almost all healthy foods are low in calories, so you don’t have to fear about their calorie count.