Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss Progress

Looking good! Rob Kardashian took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 20, to show off his shrinking waistline in a rare full-body photo.In the pic, the 29-year-old reality star is dressed in his signature black sweats and sneakers, looking slimmer than he has in quite some time. This isn’t the first update we’ve gotten from him though. In May 2016, Rob shared another images, showing a before and after collage of himself. “Still got a lot of work to do and weight to lose but glad I’m getting better,” he captioned the pic on Instagram. While Rob might not be at his goal weight just yet, he’s lost 70 pounds already, as previously reported. Remarkable!

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Rob Kardashian Weight Loss


In April, the dad-to-be revealed that he had dropped a whopping 50 pounds. “Looking from where I started 298lbs to my current weight now 248.4lbs,” he wrote alongside a photo of a huskier version of himself standing next to his bikini-clad future wife, 28, on the beach. “I’m focused and determined to reach my goal weight 200-205lbs.”

Rob Kardashian Shares Dramatic Transformation

Weight Loss Story

While the reality star owes much of his transformation to his fitness and diet regimen that he has been faithfully abiding by for the past six months, we can’t help but think none of this would have been possible without the love and support of his wife-to-be, Blac Chyna, 28! If you remember, Rob was a bit of a recluse since 2013, and gained over 100 pounds in the following years. He left his family’s show on E! and was barely spotted by fans for months at a time! But once he started dating Blac in Jan. 2016, fans and his family noticed a significant change in his attitude and health.Rob revealed in Apr. 2016 that he would like to reach his goal weight of 200-205 pounds.

Rob Kardashian before (left) and after (right) his recent weight loss.

Before After

It’s uncertain what weight he is at currently, but he’s definitely looking amazing so far! Who knows, by the time his first child with Blac arrives, we might be looking at a whole new Rob yet again.