Marsha Ambrosius Stunning Weight Loss Transformation

Marsha Ambrosius is a British singer and a former member of Floetry. She is also known as the ‘SongStress’. She comes from the Beatles city, Liverpool in England.Probably the most recent highlighted thing in the media about Marsha Ambrosius is her famous weight reduction. In the space of three to four years,  Marsha went on to lose 60 lbs of weight and has now reached the 80 lbs mark. This is certainly a proof that when someone put his/her mind towards losing weight, then it is possible!

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Marsha Ambrosius Weight Transformation


As for her weight loss, Marsha said that it was about her health, not image: “I was comfortable with who I was and there was never an issue that I was considered overweight. But later, I felt that if I picked up a basketball and became out of breath after just a few jump-shots, that wasn’t me. I drink diet sodas now, fresh juices that I squeeze myself, eat brown rice instead of white rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked or grilled chicken instead of fried chicken, and the fat-free bleu cheese dressing instead of the full-fat one on my wings like I like em,’” she chuckles. “The food will be there tomorrow. When you’re looking at those three cupcakes, leave the other two alone and have just one. Don’t think you have to deprive yourself.”

Marsha Ambrosius weight loss before and after image

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The first part of the plan was to eat healthier. For instance, Marsha Ambrosius likes to utilize juice from genuine tree grown foods, as juice from supermarket are processes and contain high sugar level difficult for the body to digest. She likes to consume vegetables and rice. In particular, she like brown rice and try to avoid white type rice.

Marsha Ambrosius weight loss

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One of the major changes Marsha made is to not eat fried food such as fried chicken. But she did not change much her meat eating habit. She just exchanged fried chicken with over grilled chicken, hence reducing all of the unnecessary and toxic fried calories. She also went onto more baking things then fried.