How Lizzy Caplan Keeps Herself Thin and Sexy

Elizabeth Anne Lizzy Caplan (born June 30, 1982) is an American actress. She is known for her roles in films such as Mean Girls (2004), Cloverfield (2008). Lizzy  likes to start her day with an omelet made by herself. If she is busy, she eats some porridge or bran flakes. During dinner, the founder of Mis-Teeq likes to have some roast sweet potatoes, some mackerel, onions, fry peppers, spinach, Brussels sprouts, quinoa, and avocado. She likes to eat loads of fish in her meals too because she has given up meat.

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Lizzy likes to indulge in foods like pizza, Indian takeaways, square crisps, Maltesers, etc. Liz also loves chocolate. She says that whenever she feels like having a pizza or some chocolate, she does it.. She loves food, eats a lot, and likes to indulge but at the same time, she is conscious of putting goodness in her body. She says that at the end of the day, her body is like a machine that needs the right fuel to go on. Having vitamin supplements is also a part of her life. She also believes that no one should ever be a slave to dieting.

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Lizzy trains with a trainer, Janet Malinowska occasionally and does 1-hour sessions. Her preferred workout routine is to exercise twice a week, but she can’t always manage it due to her busy schedule. When she works out in the gym, her preferred exercises are conditioning exercises like squats, lunges, etc. She adds that performing on stage also keeps her heart rate up.

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