Lauren Goodger Diet Plan Revealed!

If you saw pictures of Lauren Goodger that surfaced from last February, you know she was on a bit of a downhill spiral in the health category. Many fans could not believe what they saw when pictures of her on vacation surfaced around the tabloids and internet. Lauren Goodger was a good 30-40 lbs overweight and shockingly she had NO IDEA this was the case. It took pictures of her to realize that this was getting out of control. She accidently stumbled upon the pictures of her on vacation and she freaked out and decided to get the help of a few celebrity trainers and diet coach’s.

Lauren Goodger Workout and Diet Plan

Let’s just saw Lauren got some amazing help and has had one of the most dramatic transformations of the year. She lost a complete 4 stones. For those who aren’t familiar with the verbiage – that’s almost Ten full dress sizes and 40 lbs!

Lauren is not bashful about her dramatic change of appearance. She admits she feels sexier than ever and loves showing off her toned cheeks and sexy new figure.

Get this – Lauren is even putting out her OWN fitness DVD and is going to tell the whole world her dieting and exercise secrets. We got our hands on this early and caught up with her celebrity trainer and found out the exact exercise, diet, and supplement regimen that turned Lauren into a fat burning machine over the past year.

Let’s dive in and check it out!

We recently caught up with Lauren’s nutrition expert who she hired to shape up her diet and help her with healthy eating while she travels.

We got some VERY outside the box information that we weren’t expecting during this interview.

Her nutrition coach told us three things that helped keep Lauren on track.

1. She fired up her metabolism around the clock with a combination of Matcha Green Tea and powerful all natural weight loss pills
2. She identified an external motivation – She wants to pose for Playboy! This sounds silly to most people but something as simple as booking a photo shoot with a photographer 2 months out can give you all the motivation you need to stay on track with your diet.
3. She eliminated unhealthy snacking on the road and swapped out the potato chips for almonds, beef jerky, and organic salads.

Lauren is always traveling so her nutrition coach gave her a meal plan that she could easily follow on the go.

Lauren Goodger Meal Plan On the Go

Meal Number 1:

Breakfast Smoothie on the Goweight loss

The morning of Lauren’s flight or travels she would make a nutricious smoothie and bring it with her in an insulated cup.

She would also take her powerful all natural Garcinia pills before her nutrition smoothie.

Here is her favorite smoothie recipe:

1.5 Cups no sugar added almond milk
1 frozen banana
¼ Cup frozen blueberries
2 tbsp. chia seeds
1 tsp cinnamon
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
½ tbsp. MCT Oil

All of these ingredients combine to give Lauren a powerhouse of nutrition, energy, and metabolism boosting benefits.

Meal Number 2:

Besides her breakfast smoothie Lauren tried to keep her carbohydrate total fairly low. This meant she snacked on a lot of protein and healthy fats throughout her travels.

If Lauren was on a flight or in transit somewhere she would opt for a high protein snack.

Lauren would go for no sugar added Turkey Jerky and a large handful of almonds or some Celery with Almond butter and chia seeds on top.

She would also take another serving of her all natural metabolism boosting pills to keep that metabolism churning all day!

Meal Number 3:

Lauren’s third meal usually consisted of a salad that she packed herself. This salad was loaded with deli turkey, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onions, hemp seeds, cilantro, mangoes, avocado, and a super healthy salad dressing with a lime juice and olive oil base.

Meal Number 4:

Meal number four on the go usually consisted of potato chips or a candy bar! Get this – low carb and high protein potato chips and candy bars!

Lauren fell in love with Quest protein chips and Quest protein bars while dieting and they helped her battle the intense sweet tooth cravings she evidently had throughout her days of dieting.

Lauren’s go to snacks were Quest BBQ chips and Quest cookies and Cream protein bars.

According to Lauren’s celebrity diet coach this was a pretty typical travel dieting today for Lauren. She got to eat the foods she craved such as salty and crunchy snacks, and still create a healthy calorie deficit while traveling and most importantly stay away from unhealthy food while on the go.

Lauren Goodger Workout Plan

Lauren Goodger lost nearly Ten full dress sizes in less than a year – but believe it or not she only had to workout 4 times per week for 35 minutes per workout.before and after weight loss

Her celebrity trainer had her on an intense workout regimen that consisted of something called “full body cardio” which sparked her metabolism to churn for hours after the workout ended.

This in combination with her powerful all natural metabolism boosting pills and daily consumption of Green tea turned her into a fat burning machine in 2015 and now has her so confident with her new figure that she wants to pose in Playboy!

So what does this full body cardio routine look like? Let’s dive in and take a look at the 4 Times per week workout regimen.

Her celebrity trainer had her do a body weight cardio regimen that she could do anywhere so when she traveled she could even do it in the convenience of her hotel or friends house.

This made staying on track effortless for Lauren. Lauren would workout in the late morning to mid afternoon when her Garcinia pills kicked into full gear and she felt a surge of energy.

Here is what a typical 4 times per week workout looked like for Lauren.

Workout Number 1: Typically, On a Monday

Monday’s consisted of “crazy cardio confusion” when she was in town and could train with her trainer. Lauren did 5 different cardio exercises for 7 minutes each with only 30 seconds rest between.

The five cardio exercises she would perform were:

1. Elliptical training
2. Incline treadmill walking
3. Bike Machine (moderate intensity)
4. Jump Rope Circuit
5. Stair Master

Workout Number 2: Lower Body Cardio and Abdominal Routine

This workout routine consisted of lower body cardio for about 20 minutes and then a complete abdominal routine. Lower body cardio usually consisted of burpees, mountain climbers, jogging on the treadmill or biking outside at a fast pace.

The abdominal routine worked her core from every angle and included:

Bicycle crunch, pillar holds, V-ups, Russian twists and vertical toe touches.

Workout Number 3: Upper Body Cardio Circuit

This was an intense upper body routine that consisted of a lot of “time under tension” sets with 2-3 lb. weights. This gave Lauren a perfect combination of cardio, muscle toning, and fat burning.

Her typical routine consisted of Db palms up curls, Db shoulder raises, Db swiss ball chest press, and weighted cocoons for abdominal tightening.
Workout Number 4: Crazy Cardio workout

The last workout of the week was a lot like the first workout of the week. A dynamic cardio routine to help her melt those lbs. away and boost her metabolism all day long!

Here is a quick recap of the “crazy cardio” routine:
The five cardio exercises she would perform were:lauren goodger instagram pic

1. Elliptical training
2. Incline treadmill walking
3. Bike Machine (moderate intensity)
4. Jump Rope Circuit
5. Stair Master
And that is the Lauren Goodger’s formula in a nutshell. Smart eating on the go, decadent snacks that killed her sweet tooth, powerful all natural supplements and a fairly simply workout regimen. If she can do it, you can do it too! Just stay consistent and put the right things in your body to ignite your fat burning furnace!