The Bachelor Chose That One Girl!

A season finale is where all the loose ends are finally tied up. After so many episodes, it feels like we’ve really gotten to know everyone involved. We’ve spent so much time with this cast of characters, and now is the time to see the ultimate payoff.


Such is the case with the hit show “The Bachelor”. All season long, we’ve waited with baited breath to see who he would choose from the many available bachelorettes.




After spending a thrilling season that kept us all on the edges of our seats, The Bachelor has made his choice. The final rose has finally been given to – erm – what’s her name again?


I think it was the girl in the red dress – no, no it was the blue dress. I feel like her name was Chandra. No, that’s not right. It was something with more than one syllable. Or was it less?




Was that the girl he made out with in the hot tub? No, I think that was Kellie. Was it the one he made out with in the jacuzzi? Wait, I think that was Stephanie.


I’m just happy that she is finally with – um – what was it again? I feel like it was Billy. No, he doesn’t look like a Billy. Was it Daniel? That doesn’t sound right either. Let’s just keep calling him the Bachelor for now.




All that really matters is that the Bachelor has finally found his love. Here’s hoping that he and her spend many, many years together.


Well, I for one, am very proud of this couple. Through many unforgettable episodes, we have seen the budding romance between these two people. Truly, we will always remember this season of the Bachelor, even better than the final couple from last year. What were their names again?