Jennifer Hudson’s Garcinia Diet Plan- Size 16 to Size 6!

Jennifer Hudson recently opened up about her amazing weight loss – and even landed herself the amazing role of being the Cover girl of Yahoo Style digital magazine!

Jennifer Hudson Before and After Weight Loss Transformation

Jennifer Hudson has never looked better and she recently sat down and shared all of the details on how she went from a size 16 to a size 6 – and lost all of her post pregnancy weight in less than a year.


It is one thing to lose a lot of weight after giving birth – but to be the face and “body” of one of the world’s biggest digital magazines just 12 months after giving birth is an amazing accomplishment.


If you saw the photo shoot from her Yahoo Style Digital Magazine shoot you would see a trim and fit Jennifer Hudson that was the epitome of a sexy, confident and fit woman.

Bikini Body

Jennifer Hudson followed a fairly strict diet plan to get in “bikini body shape” – and we got the exact meal plan that she followed. Believe it or not Jennifer would still enjoy chocolate on her meal plan – as she explains that “chocolate is like my cigarette, and it calms me down.”


Ms. Hudson said that the key to her amazing transformation was portion control and incorporating three metabolism boosting tricks from her trainer.


Let’s take a peek at her 3 metabolism boosting tricks – and then look further into her meal plan!


Jennifer Hudson incorporated three powerful all natural metabolism boosting hacks into her regimen. The first metabolism booster (Garcinia Cambogia) was an all natural pill recommended to her by a famous celebrity trainer. It is designed to help you burn more calories when you are resting – so you burn up to an extra 300 calories per day.Jennifer Hudson Diet Plan


The next metabolism booster was coffee with organic cinnamon. This is a great combination that really turned you into a fat burning machine and helps you shed unwanted lbs. while increasing your energy.


The third daily metabolism booster was taking a shot of organic apple cider vinegar after all of her meals to lower the insulin impact the food had. This is key to prevent your body from storing large meals as body fat.


Let’s take a look at a day in the life of Jennifer Hudson, and follow everything she ate and drank to go from a size 16 to a size 6 and become the face and body of Yahoo Style Digital Magazine.



Jennifer Hudson Diet Plan



Breakfast: Meal #1


Jennifer would start her day with 2 all natural metabolism boosting pills and a cup of coffee with organic cinnamon to boost her energy levels.

This also curbed her appetite for the first part of the day and allowed her to enter the fat burning zone.


Her breakfast would typically consist of liquid egg whites pan fried in coconut oil and fresh veggies. She would usually have a side of fruit with her egg whites.

She would finish this meal off with a shot of organic apple cider vinegar.


Lunch: Meal #2Meal Plan


Before her biggest meal of the day, lunch – Jennifer would have 2 all natural metabolism boosting pills to keep that metabolism churning and boost her energy levels after lunch.

She would also indulge in a tiny piece of chocolate – her everyday vice! Jennifer said that the chocolate actually calms her down and would also ensure that she didn’t binge eat on junk food later in the day or at night when it was more likely to turn into body fat.

Her lunch meals usually consisted of a salad with mixed greens, ton of fresh and organic veggies, and lean sources of protein like salmon or chicken. She would also top it with a fresh vinaigrette salad dressing that was low carbohydrate.


On days when she was feeling especially well about her diet and results she would sometimes sneak in an additional piece of chocolate after lunch.


Early Dinner: Meal #3


Jennifer Hudson would only consume three meals per day, and would typically stop eating around 6 pm to ensure that she would not store belly fat from late night binging. This is exactly what got her in trouble and what caused her weight to balloon in the past.

Dinner always consisted of a high quality source of protein, a fiber dense carbohydrate, and a plethora of steamed veggies.

She would usually mix some of the following options and create her own unique dinner:


Dinner lean protein options:

Chicken, Lean ground sirloin steak, salmon, tilapia, Swai, and Wild Caught Cod

Fiber dense carbohydrate Choice: Quinoa, Red Kidney Beans, black beans, lentils, brown rice

Steamed Veggies: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach, and cauliflower


Jennifer Hudson would also incorporate a three times per week workout regimen into her weight loss arsenal. We got her exact workout regimen for the last year from her all star celebrity trainer – so let’s dive in and take a look at how you can supercharge your metabolism with awesome workouts for speedy results. See it here!