Jeff Seid Supplements (FREE TRIAL) and Workout Routine!

It’s hard to believe that fitness phenom Jeff Seid is just 21 years old – but possesses the body of a Greek God. Jeff Seid was always athletic growing up, but the fact that he has put on such a huge amount of lean muscle mass is incredibly impressive at the young age of 21. Jeff credits hard work, proper nutrition and maximizing his results by using a little known supplement stack that turns your body into a fat burning, muscle building machine.

Jeff Seid Supplements


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Jeff Seid’s Workout Plan

Jeff Seid is all about the “aesthetic lifestyle” – and that means partying around the world, hitting up music festivals, and maintaining a shredded physique.


How does Jeff Seid build muscle and keep his body fat levels extremely low while jet setting around the globe? We have the complete Jeff Seid workout and supplement regimen in this article.


Jeff is a 100 percent natural bodybuilder – and that means he has decided to stay drug free for life. Although Jeff Seid is anti-steroids and performance enhancing drugs – he maintains a diet that is designed to maximize his natural testosterone levels, and takes powerful all natural muscle building supplements.


This is the 100 percent all natural approach to seeing incredible gains – while not encountering any adverse side effects.


With the right all natural supplements and a fantastic meal plan – you can achieve a physique that has been called “half natty” – which means that many guys will think you are on steroids because of how you look but its just the result of multiple years of hard work, a great diet, and a strategic all natural supplement regimen.


Jeff Seid changes up his workouts around the year – so we compiled the 5 main principles that he uses to build muscle mass and keep his body fat levels low throughout the year.


This list was compiled from speaking to Jeff’s lifting coach, watching Jeff’s YouTube channel, and reviewing a compilation of all his interviews.


Jeff Seid Workout Rules to Build Muscle and Get a Fitness Model Physique

Ab workout

 Principle #1: Track your progress


Jeff Seid has always tracked his workouts with a “lifting journal” – and he says this is one of the biggest x factors to him having such a great physique.


Jeff steps foot in the gym and knows exactly what weight or how many reps he needs to blast out to beat his previous workout.


This focus gives you tunnel vision to reach your goals – and over the course of a few months gives you impressive lean muscle gains.


When your goals are specific you will reach incredible heights in and out of the gym.

Take a bench press workout for example. Jeff has a video where he is bench pressing 275 lbs. for 10 repetitions.


He makes a point to say before he attempts his set that he did 8 repetitions the last workout, and he was on a mission to finally reach double digits. Notice the mindset switch that this creates?


If you want to look like Jeff Seid step 1 is track your workouts!


Principle #2: Aesthetics Over Everything


Jeff Seid admits that how he looks is pretty much his only motivation for hitting the gym – and that means all exercises are not created equal.


The reason that power lifters don’t look impressive is they don’t sculpt and build the “beach muscles” that the fitness models and bodybuilders do.


Jeff makes sure to incorporate specific exercises into his routine that bring out the most important muscles for a fitness model like physique.


These exercises are listed below and broken up by specific muscle group.


Upper Chest: Db Pull Over, Incline Db Fly


Biceps: Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curl, EZ Bar 21’s


Rear Deltoids: Incline Rear Deltoid Db Fly


Abs: Weighted Pillar holds, weighted cocoons, beach body pull-overs


Principle #3: Never Ever Skip Leg Day


Although Jeff Seid is known for his ripped abs and aesthetic fitness model physique – he puts a huge importance on his legs.


Training your legs gives you a massive advantage when it comes to building muscle and burning fat because your lower body contains 3 of your largest muscle groups. Your Quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus are huge muscles groups – and if you skip out on training these muscle groups you won’t be able to maximize your Testosterone levels.

leg day

Jeff has incredibly high natural testosterone levels thanks to his non-stop workout routine of dead lifting, squats, and Db. walking lunges.


Jeff posted a video on his YouTube channel putting up over 500 lbs. on the dead-lift. Every single week Jeff is Lifting heavy weight with his legs, eating a clean diet, and taking powerful all natural muscle building pills. This is the winning recipe to an amazing physique.


Principle #4: Supplement Science


We have already discussed that Jeff takes a powerful all natural muscle building pill that boosts his testosterone and strength.


Jeff also has his pre workout and post workout supplement regimen down to a science – which helps him maximize his workout intensity, pump, blood flow, and most important his muscle recovery.


Jeff’s pre workout regimen always incorporates a pre workout mix that contains at least 5 grams each of citrulline and creatine. Jeff said that there is no need to buy any “fancy pre workout” – and you should rather switch your focus to making sure you have quality ingredients that actually do something.


Sometimes Jeff will simply mix in 5 grams of creatine and Citrulline into a Gatorade bottle pre workout instead of taking any type of pre made mix.


For Jeff’s post workout supplement stack he will make sure he gets in 5 grams’ glutamine, 5 grams’ leucine, and a high quality whey isolate mixed with maltodextrin.


Here is the recipe to Jeff’s favorite post workout protein shake including the supplement dosages!


40 Grams Whey Isolate

35 Grams Maltodextrin Powder

5 Grams Leucine Powder

5 Grams Glutamine powder

Vitamin C


Principle #5: Muscle Confusion


The biggest workout principle that Jeff preaches on his Youtube channel is never sticking with the same workout routine for more than a month straight. After just a few weeks your body is going to grow accustomed to your workout routine.


The problem is that most guys get frustrated and think something is wrong with their body, instead of being smart and changing up their routine.


One of Jeff’s favorite training techniques to spark new muscle growth is a training philosophy known and “slow motion training.” This means that you will be going 3 seconds on the way down, and 3 seconds on the way up of each repetition. That means that just 1 repetition should last 6 total seconds.


This type of training creates a lot of healthy micro-tears in the muscle and helps you get big and strong much quicker than traditional training.


This is the Jeff Seid Workout blueprint! With the proper amount of supplement science, goal tracking, creativity and hard work on leg day you can sculpt a fitness model physique in record time.