Jason Segel Shares His Weight Loss Secret

Some people count calories when they want to lose weight. Others turn to fad diets or start hitting the gym. But for Jason Segel, who recently lost 30 lbs., it was his assistant – and a damning piece of photographic evidence – that did the trick.
“My lowest moment came [when] I shot a movie in New Orleans,” the Bad Teacher and How I Met Your Mother star told David Letterman on the Late Show Thursday. “New Orleans is like, the best food and booze anywhere … I really took advantage of it.”

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Jason Segel (seen here in 2010 and 2013)

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Jason Segel, star of the hit series How I Met Your Mother recently revealed that he was forced to lose weight. Segel’s new slim figure can be seen in his latest movie, The Five-Year Engagement. I was forced to lose weight for this movie, Segel explained to David Letterman on Late Night yesterday. I was told that it had to be conceivable that Emily Blunt would ever choose me to be her husband. Which is fair.

Jason Segel, Weight Loss

Jason Segel

According to Segel, Ron Meyer, the president of Universal Pictures is the man behind the forced weight loss. So how did Segel get his rocking new body? They sent a trainer to set, said Segel, who worked out twice a day. Besides exercise, diet was also a key issue, with the trainer monitoring what Segel ate throughout the day.

Jason Segel - the 33-year-old got in shape for his movie role "Sex Tape


The comedic actor had a couple tricks up his sleeve though. What they didn’t anticipate was, I’m very clever, and I play a chef in the movie, so there were a lot of scenes where I had to eat, explained Segel. So I would pay my co-stars nominal amounts of money to mess up their lines in the scenes so I would get to keep eating.